16 Jul 2003

No to PS2, Yes to Zzz!

16 Jul 2003

I think tonight will be the first night in weeks that I’ll be rested. Called in the TV service people to take a look at some intermittent flickering on the screen which was bothering me whenever I played FFX or SH3. Now the TV innards are somewhere in Shah Alam and will be there till next week. Conclusion: more PC time and/or more sleep time. Although I’m on the PC right now, I think I’ll be off in a few … minutes.

My cousin showed me her friend’s blog and I was just blown away by the design. T’was simple but somehow breathtaking. Makes me wanna do mine up soon. Gotta find some Rikku pix first. 🙂

Btw, I’m back at work. My eyes feeling the strain of having to do some real tasks. Sigh.. I hate writing minutes.. I really do.

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