August 2003

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Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!

Tanggal tiga puluh satu! Bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh!!! Whee~

A quick shout out to all Malaysians wishin’ you a very merry independence day. 46 years so far, and lots more to go! 😀

Oh.. I did that.

Just remembered why I woke up hella late Sunday morning.. Right after the movies, I came home and figured I oughta call the gang, since I was supposed to be with them that night. They were right behind my place at Phileo D, and Gary was kind enough to pick me up and we all drove down to Bestari for some chatter. The guys were drunk, so the conversations were rather interesting, especially from a sober point-of-view.

Weekly update.

Ah, gomen. T’was a fairly busy week. Well, it wasn’t THAT busy, but it was quite eventful.

Caught the flu from a consultant. Went to the clinic for some antibiotics.

All my consultants fell sick and didn’t come to work. I wasn’t feeling so good either. Sat in the office looking like a T-virus victim.

Went to Starlight Cinema straight from work with a couple of colleagues to catch XXX and Matrix Reloaded. Got a free Nokia floor mat! The weather was nice and cool.

Woken up at 7am to move my car that was blocking the Waja’s way. Found the PC making strange noises, and turns out that my 46GB IBM drive has crashed. Literally. Sounded like it was still twitching, like some Resident Evil corpses. 😛

Stayed back at the office till 4pm to set up my new PC (and most of the other PCs as well -_-). Came home for a short breather and then out again to Starlight Cinema with nAf. This time, we caught Resident Evil (Milla, you rawk!) and Final Destination 2. Wow, the second movie shawked me so much I’m now downloading FD 1. The weather was ok, except that it drizzled a bit, but I had me trusty brollie, so no problemo. Wish I’d brought a smaller umbrella tho.. *wink*

Woke up hella late. Tried to watch a few eps of Now & Then, Here & There before having to drive to Batu Laut with my dad to pick up my sister’s yacht that was still there. That took the whole afternoon. Reached home about 7:45.

Experiencing a tremendously boring day at work. Fire alarms were ringing. Air conditioning was whacked. Dang, and this tower is supposed to be so damned sophisticated. But in any case, I met up with my old pal Ida Maya from primary school for lunch. Caught up on a lot of things. Wished I had more time to chat, but my dad was already waiting at the lobby at 2pm to get his mobile which he left in my car and which I did not notice when I was driving it this morning which was left baking in the open-air carpark. Oh well, not my phone. 😀

Nihon no goodies!

Wai wai Wan Yee’s back! And he got my stuff! Yippie! That’s about 5K yen down the drain, but it’s all good. I now regret not ordering more items, and he described his experience in Tokyo so well that I’m just compelled to swim there.

Think I’ll drop by his place later tonight to check out his spoils (includes katana). Wanna take pics too. Sigh~ I wanna go~

BT Blues no more. Hopefully.

Mmm. Tried this neat thingie called NetLimiter and used it while downloading via BitTorrent. And hooray, no more connection deaths. It seems that BT, when uploading, uses up ALL your bandwidth, so your OS can’t return acknowledgement signals for your downloads. So limit BT’s upload rate and everything should go well. 🙂

Woke up today with a sore throat. Finished work with the sniffles. Went straight to the clinic in DU. Came home with antibiotics. Looks like no pasar malam tonight: it’s porridge time! >_

More Ecchi Manga!

All hail Oh!Great, great king of fan service! Not satisfied with Tenjou Tenge? So start reading Air Gear, a new manga about Air Treck, a futuristic roller-blading sport thingiemajigie. Chapter 1 just released by Ushi, and it looks quite promising (especially on the Ecchi aspect).

Too many posts? Guess I’ve been doing that a lot. Yesterday. Time passes so slow at home now..


Arg! Ahoy there! You landlubbers sure don’t deserve anything! But as a treat before I keelhaul the lot of ya, here’s a final treat: MP3s! Malay ones! Lots of them! Not to forget super-gelek movies of Inul Daratista! Heh heh, to be seen not heard, this one.

Sudden Lament

You cry out for someone. Could it be me?
Should I take this chance, and respond to thee?

For I too am confused, for all the mixed signals sent,
How am I to refuse, this strong intent…

This intent. To say. What I’ve never said before. To say it. To you.

Even Coppers dial 911

I just finished installing Coppermine. What you can see there now is just a few pictures I managed to salvage (the rest were gone in the previous disk crash). The family went for a trip to Redang earlier this year (not sure when exactly), so don’t think I’ve had that much time-off lately. 😛

Also noticed that isn’t XHTML 1.0 Transitional anymore. A few reformattings at the right places and wallah!

Busy streak

It’s been a tough week, I tell ya. In addition to the work piling up at the office, I’ve been doing a lot of going-out almost every night. Lessee, here are the highlights of the week as far as I can remember :-

  • Been getting back from work around 7-ish every day now. Yea, I know, It doesn’t quite compare to all you corporate folks out there, but I’m quite allergic to staying back at the office. 😛
  • Watched Finding Nemo again on Wednesday! This time with Zoe and Em and Eric (DaRkDoG). Adjourned to Starbucks Mont Kiara to meet up with Merv and Vincent, who were happily playing with their notebooks. They’ve been going there almost every night, and I hope I don’t become that bad IF I get my own notebook. It’s been so hard trying to persuade my superiors to get me one… 🙁 Anyways, reached home at 12:30am while still in me work clothes. Stinky!
  • Went to Starbucks Mont Kiara AGAIN on Thursday night. This time, it’s for Tiffany’s final farewell. Since Vincent chose the place, he was the one to belanja us. Hooray! But Eric mixed up the orders and I got a mocha instead of a Hot Choc. Boo!
  • Was supposed to go out to MRC Friday night with Merv and Vince, but I haven’t quite recovered from the week’s activities, and was feeling kinda exhausted. FFK counter +1!
  • VM‘s IP block was suddenly changed without prior notice by its uplink’s uplink, and it was down (this site included) for a few days while I had to sort most things out with the config. Grr, oughta demand some compensation for downtime. I’m sure you all missed this site, no? Not at all? Dang.
  • Pretty much slept through the weekend. Actually I was kinda OK, but after having mopped the floor and cleaned out the balconies, I was back to on the bunk in no time. Sigh~

Well, as far as manga is concerned, I’ve grabbed a few chapters here and there. But I’ve been following HxH very closely, since Manga-Section releases a chap almost every day. Sweet! Was planning to introduce myself to more, but BT keeps breaking my connection! Dangit! Oh well, back to the PS2.