18 Aug 2003

Busy streak

18 Aug 2003

It’s been a tough week, I tell ya. In addition to the work piling up at the office, I’ve been doing a lot of going-out almost every night. Lessee, here are the highlights of the week as far as I can remember :-

  • Been getting back from work around 7-ish every day now. Yea, I know, It doesn’t quite compare to all you corporate folks out there, but I’m quite allergic to staying back at the office. 😛
  • Watched Finding Nemo again on Wednesday! This time with Zoe and Em and Eric (DaRkDoG). Adjourned to Starbucks Mont Kiara to meet up with Merv and Vincent, who were happily playing with their notebooks. They’ve been going there almost every night, and I hope I don’t become that bad IF I get my own notebook. It’s been so hard trying to persuade my superiors to get me one… 🙁 Anyways, reached home at 12:30am while still in me work clothes. Stinky!
  • Went to Starbucks Mont Kiara AGAIN on Thursday night. This time, it’s for Tiffany’s final farewell. Since Vincent chose the place, he was the one to belanja us. Hooray! But Eric mixed up the orders and I got a mocha instead of a Hot Choc. Boo!
  • Was supposed to go out to MRC Friday night with Merv and Vince, but I haven’t quite recovered from the week’s activities, and was feeling kinda exhausted. FFK counter +1!
  • VM‘s IP block was suddenly changed without prior notice by its uplink’s uplink, and it was down (this site included) for a few days while I had to sort most things out with the config. Grr, oughta demand some compensation for downtime. I’m sure you all missed this site, no? Not at all? Dang.
  • Pretty much slept through the weekend. Actually I was kinda OK, but after having mopped the floor and cleaned out the balconies, I was back to on the bunk in no time. Sigh~

Well, as far as manga is concerned, I’ve grabbed a few chapters here and there. But I’ve been following HxH very closely, since Manga-Section releases a chap almost every day. Sweet! Was planning to introduce myself to more, but BT keeps breaking my connection! Dangit! Oh well, back to the PS2.

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