11 Aug 2003


11 Aug 2003

My leftie footie hurtie so muchie!

Firstie me shoe went rubbie on me heelie,
Then it got slashed by somethingie in the seawee,
Nextie the toey got smashied by something really heavy..

Oh my footie all discolored and stiff as a brickie.

And that pretty much sums up my weekend. 😛

Well, it wasn’t that bad. Me siblings were taking part in the Selangor Open Regatta in Kampung Batu Laut, which is right next to Morib. And Morib is, of course, somewhat near Banting. So I went along to help out a little, but also cuz my mom was part of the committee organising the event.

So it was Friday morning that we left. I had waken up very early, but due to being absolutely spent the night before I had some documents to write and send out to some colleagues. Sigh~ So things were running quite late and I haven’t packed my stuff, so 1 1/2 hours later I was pretty much chucking any article of clothing that was lying about in my room into my small bag. And somehow I managed to pack my PS2 too. Tadah! Didn’t get to play at all though.

The journey there was not so bad. Road conditions were sucky though, with construction works all the way from the KESAS junction right up to Banting. After that, there’s the usual uneven trunk roads and laid-back kampung drivers. My poor Waja~

We arrived in 2 hours, and I was glad we’ve made it. The sea breeze was strong that day, and there were lots of shady trees to camp under. No, not CS camping. Everyone already had their boats rigged up, so my bro and I quickly got his stuff readied.

Usually during a weekend regatta like this one, the events are divided like so :-

  • Friday : Marathon race.
  • Saturday and Sunday : Individual races, or the individual circuit as some people call it.

So we’re to have the marathon race that day, but my brother decides to stay on shore. Aiseh, buat penat jer pasang bot dia. Oh well, back we go to the pre-booked motel for a nice afternoon doze.

We had our opening ceremony later that night, and after the usual batch of speeches (including one from me Mom), we had dinner with the whole kampung population and even the kampung choir came to enchant us with their lovely melodies, which were drowned in the voices of the rowdy sailors.

YOU HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER! Ayin (me sis) arrives to participate.

Saturday came and everyone seemed prepared for the sea. What they didn’t know was that we had “special divine help” in the wind department, and soon everyone was being blown away. Not literally of course. While the sailors were happily playing in the water, the beach front was rarely idle as the kampung also held a kuda kepang competition and karaoke sessions. Fortunately not at the same time.

The competitors came back feeling bushwhacked, and as part of the group who spent the day lazing about on the beach, I gave a helping hand carrying boats here and there. Ever seen any kuda kepang girls trying to dodge boats moving on trolleys? Nope, me neither. Kinda ran them down actually; the place was full of ’em.

Kidding lah. Anyways, the nice ADUN of Batu Laut decided to belanja everyone dinner at his place that night. At the same time, they were having some sorta pesta at the sailing area with a choir competition and all sorts of funky events. Sorry, I forget cuz I kinda missed the whole thing.

The final day started off with a sepak takraw … competition while the sailors prepared their yachts. The rest of the day was quite uneventful. The sea breeze was not bad, and then we had the prize giving ceremony and of course more free food. The drive home was another 2 hours of harrowing bumpiness.

No, I didn’t forget to bring home my PS2. Hope it’s still OK after all the jarring in the car.

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