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I’ve got a new gallery

I’ve got a new gallery up! Have a see! The Recent Photos block is still pointing to the old Coppermine version, but I’ll change that soon enough.

Currently uploading Anime Festival pics. 😛

uh.. wha? oh.. yeah.

My blog was down for a bit, due to some problematic routing on VM’s uplink. And it’s not solved either. Sigh~

In any case, I went to the AXN Anime Festival at Mid Valley on Saturday. It was too jam packed with people to enjoy it properly. There were some cosplayers, which was nice, but all the merchandise can easily be found locally. No limited edition stuff of any kind… so it was… well.. not up to par.

I’m supposed to have something else to write about in this post.. but I forget. Oh, started reading The Northen Lights this morning (thx Hem & ich!) and it’s hard to put down. Anbaric is now part of my simple vocab. 😛 Also started on Shaman King CD 9 and 10. The subbing was atrocious! Looks like the subber was actually translating the chinese subs instead of the japanese voice-acting. :O But I still managed to get through. Hopefully the rest of the series isn’t like this…

I think there’s still something.. but it eludes me…

Asses in Autos

Found out that someone scraped the Waja’s fender while it was parked in my mom’s office carpark. Goddammit, if you don’t know angles and geometry let alone park a car, don’t drive! Sigh, been stumbling into so much car trouble lately, and it’s not due to an aging car or a Proton. I think I’m gonna start swearing out loud whenever I drive… like Az. 😛

Went out with the gang to watch LXG. Gotta agree with Hemlocke, the sub was schweet~ The sucky part (besides the plot) was that a lot of scenes were cut, especially the biting scenes. I so wanna see her bite. :}~ I have a feeling Underworld will be shredded to bits…

I lup Megumi!

Tokidoki wa setsunakutte
Tokidoki wa kurushikutte
Kakeyotte dakishimete tsutaetai
Demo ima wa iwanai no
Anata ga jibun no yume
Tsukamitoru sono hi dake shinjiteru

Part of my head music, as Veldspar eloquently puts it:
Megumi Hayashibara – Trust You

Never realised Megumi was a seiyuu in Shaman King, till I started ‘acquiring’ the theme songs. 😛 Ah, now I love her even more! motto motto zutto!

So far, I’ve watched the first 12 eps in a span of 2 days. Although my head yells ‘marathon!’, my sober self prefers to stay awake at the office. Two more days till the end of the business week! (Yeah, this Saturday is a work day, *cwy*).

I think I prolly spent about 500 on my car in less than a week. Luckily I managed to fix a neighbor’s PC, so I got a lil cash out of that. And next month I.. uh oh.. shouldn’t talk about extra income here. 😛

Almost ruined, but not quite.


Me cuzzies came! We had loadsa fun! Lotsa shopping! Tiring, but fun! Went to the S & M Arcade! Yay! Lotsa Korean goodies for the Singapore folks! Yippie! Missing Volume Eiji 21 for me! Whee!

Arg! I just remembered~~~~ lupa nak kirim salam~~~

*Sigh* wish we had more time. 🙂 Ah, and we also met Hemlocke’s medic/anime-blogger pals Flyindance and Mamolove. It’s great to make new friends! Bubur~ hegege. T’was nice meeting you guys, and Mamo-san, all the best to you on your endeavour. Enjoy college to the fullest! Well… try to at least *recalls Hemlocke’s past woes*


Almost had an accident Saturday evening when some clueless tourist swerved into my lane (the fast one) to make his lousy u-turn. I floored the break pedal hard enough to slow down and take the immediate junction on my right, just before my break system ruptured in various places under the pressure. It cost me a few hundred RM and 5 hours to get the brake hoses, master pump and body replaced. Sigh~ I could just cry.

Will kill the next driver that attempts to complicate my life.


Finished reading all of Eiji up to volume 25. Wish the local publisher didn’t censor all the good parts though.. Grr~ I guess I’ll start collecting the online version.

With that done, will continue reading Narnia. I’ll also need to watch 64 volumes of Shaman King in three weeks. Can’t wait… 🙂

Also on the queue: Pullman and the rest of Rich Dad Poor Dad. With a few hours of PS2 and CS thrown in.


What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, rampaging in the stadium! It is Myuu, hands clutching a cute Hikaru! He roars vengefully:

“Tenshi no tsubasa yo! Atashi to Hikaru wo, izanatte!!”

Find out!
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LRT no baka!

pudu.PNG Decided to disappear from the office for a while to pick up bus tickets at Puduraya. Tried taking the LRT there and ended up two stops further from my destination. Gawd, they should put up more hint signage for us newbies! Pudu doesn’t equal Puduraya. And Jalan Pudu is so long it’s just so wrong to name one stop Pudu that’s located who-knows-where along the stretch. Damn, who am I kiddin’, Malaysian public services and helpful signs can’t coexist somehow.

Well, at least I managed to find the correct station (Plaza Rakyat) and managed to get back to the office before the whole floor noticed. Somehow I think I should’ve gone straight home. 😛


Hello! I’m myuu. Nice to meet you. Long time no see. Lots of things have happened since the last post, but I don’t quite remember them all… probably because I’ve had my nose buried in Narnia or my finger clickin’ in CS. Oh, and all that talk about trying to get more sleep hasn’t been realised yet. 😛 Trying! Still trying!

The most notable thing at the moment would be the arrival of my cousins ichaya and Hemlocke this weekend (finally). It’s too bad you missed the sale, but we’re happy to have you nonetheless. 🙂 Gotta start cleaning up the place.. what a dump.

~more ouch~

I guess due to some effect of exercise on my nervous system, I got myself injured the night after my last post. In my dreams, I was fighting a certain someone when I suddenly threw a high kick. That was when I realised I actually kicked something. Although it hurt like heck, I was also too sleepy to give a damn, so I went back to bed. Next morning, I find a bleeding toe. 😛

The toe didn’t help my squash yesterday. Still being bullied on court. Grr, I’ll beat you guys one day! With all the work and exercise, I’m starting to think that I should start extending my sleeping hours. That means less PS2 and MRC. Hmm, this sure is a toughie. Sigh, I can just taste the weekend, and speaking of it I’m finally going to watch PotC with the gang tomorrow night. Hooray!


wahhhh~ wah wah wahhhhh~ so tired.

Didn’t go straight home from work today. Instead, Shervonne and I stayed back at the sports club at the office for squash! Yea, that’s exercise. And yea, this is the first time I’ve mentioned exercise in this blog, I think. It’s been so long since I strenuously exerted myself, but it was awesome. The companionship and the dripping sweat were all part of the fun package. Uh, don’t get any funny ideas.

Feeling really heaty right now. Guess I’ll sleep earlier tonight.

Current read: The Chronicles of Narnia, RM38.