12 Oct 2003

Barang bagus!

12 Oct 2003

Yes, Shin Chan said that in one of the Malay-dubbed episodes. Pretty much what’s running through my head right now. Yay to Merv, I now have an infrared port for my PC, which I use to pirate operator logos and ringtones. Hurrah for POTC! Hurrah for pirates in general!

Next on our lineup of cool stuff is the new BitTorrent client. Version 3.3 promises to be, well, more stable.

As for the events of the day, I went to work as usual, although nothing much was happening since few consultants were around to whip us. After 1pm, a few of us decided to watch Ringu 2 using a projector in the meeting room. 😀 But due to problems with the lighting, we couldn’t achieve our targeted level of terror.

While I was bz wasting time, the LP tix have finally arrived! Hmm, did I mention this before? Oh, that was somewhere else.. nevermind. So yes, they’ve arrived, and I feel sooo relieved to have them in hand. Hopefully they don’t disappear somewhere into some dark corner of the house… Speaking of LP, I’ve still much of Shaman King to watch! Argh, and only 3 more days!!!

In the afternoon, I lazed abt switching between transferring stuff to/from my handphone and trying to play Day of Defeat off Steam. Gave the Waja a much-needed wash near sunset.

The family went to Uptown for dinner. Tried some “famous” Fish Head Curry (kinda wished I’d pay more attention in Biology). The rest of the night was spent at Tesco grocery shopping. Well, I kinda wandered off somewhere else to check out the range of DVD players. Since my mom MAY join the legion of Korean drama-lovers, I might as well get a VCD player at least.

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