13 Oct 2003

Turn my VALVE!

13 Oct 2003

After a quick defragment of my main HDD, Steam now works almost flawlessly. My lil bro and I have been taking turns having a go at DoD, and we’ve been having a real blast! It’s so much different playing with 32 people rather than the usual 6. Unfortunately the Steam version has reduced the scope zoom speed of the sniper rifles by quite a bit, so I can’t quite terrorize the entire enemy squad. Nevertheless, MRC is still not on Steam yet so I still have some time left to whack people up. Hur hur.

Steam also offers the usual Half-Life mods, like CS (I still suck at it), and also the original Half-Life multiplayer. Having not played HL MP after so long, it’s really fun! A shout-out to all cybercafes: Get Steam now! They even have a cybercafe version out. Cheap too.

Problem with this Steam business is that my mom doesn’t approve. Add that to my frequent Shaman King marathons and you get non-stop nag all night long. Well, hopefully my bro stays off the PC at night (I just gave him the privilege of playing in the afternoon).. and hopefully he won’t look so stoned when *I* play.

Oh, and I also just found out that my consultant’s boss has 3 extra Grand Stand tickets to LP. Grr~ and right next to the stage too. The whole office practically knows I’m mad for Grand Stand tickets, but none of them bother to tell me. Sigh~ So bad… so sad..

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