17 Oct 2003

Taman Linkin!

17 Oct 2003

linkinparktick-small.jpgAh, what a beautiful week this is. First of all, my cuzzies Hemlocke and ichaya came up to visit and I so love it when they do! Secondly, they came to see Linkin Park, and we all did and had a blast!

This concert being my first, I had no idea what to expect. I’d seen one of LP’s concert clips, and it wasn’t exactly the greatest. But that had probably been a fluke due to sore throats or something, because last night they just BLEW EVERYONE AWAY!

When the show finally got started despite a few false starts (as well as Too Phat’s over-extended opening act), things went on flawlessly! The choreographic arrangement was excellent; the more familiar high-powered songs were alternated with the subtle ones, and every spotlight seemed to move in rhythm. Chester and Mike were excellent at wooing the crowd, shouting “Malaysia Boleh!” besides the usual PR quotes. But let’s not forget the rest of the band, who were equally entertaining and pleasant.

The show kicked off at 8:30, with a full half hour of Too Phat (and gang). Sure, they’re a very decent group, but unfortunately they lacked something for such an event. What exactly it is, I can’t say since I’m not in showbiz, but from my POV their presentation was rather messy, having no coordination between the singing and the breakdancing (which was cool, btw). Plus the sound-system didn’t really help, drowning their voices in the thunderous bass beats. If someone gave me a quiz on comprehension, I’d fail. The restless crowd didn’t help either, cuz time was-a-tickin’, and we’d been counting since 6:30. Synchronised shouts of “Linkin Park” would pretty much tell you what we wanted. Well, better luck next time guys!

After they were done, it took another half hour to get the stage set up for the main event. People were getting edgy, so screams were echoing through the stadium whenever a speaker twitched. As I’ve explained earlier, things were just sweet when LP finally made their appearance. All the fatigue just disappeared and everywhere people were in rhythm with the music. Most of us knew the lyrics by heart, so it was virtually an awesome karaoke session as well!

After approximately an hour, LP seemed to close shop with “In The End”. But the mob wasn’t satisfied. We wanted more! Everyone just stayed on and cheered them back onto the stage. The encore was sweet, but too short. Another two great songs were delivered, and then they left. It was then that I probably realised that this’ll probably be the last live LP performance I’ll see. But Chester said they’ll be back, so I’m just going to hold on to that promise.

Well, it’s now Thursday night. Listenin’ to the Meteora CD I just purchased over and over again. There’s a pile of clothes that need to be ironed, and I’m trying hard to remember what my job specification was. It’s amazing how reality just swallows you back in one big gulp. Can’t stay in there forever though, and I’m looking forward to the next big concert in these parts. Concerts are fun! Like clubbing in open air. And open air is good, cuz I think I might be claustrophobic (clubbing makes me fall ill). Practice makes perfect? Not at my age. But I’m good for concerts. 🙂 Next time I’ll be more prepared in the ticket-grabbing department. Stage-side is where it’s AT!

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