June 2004

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Death Note

No, I’m not going anywhere.

Just started reading this manga by Obata: Death Note. It’s super intense!

Also, been getting a lot of Gantz lately, courtesy of #shocwave @ rizon. The story gets interesting towards volume 9.

And I’ve a date with Mary Jane tonight. Yay!


.. have new phone! Yay!

– General ringtone: Fullmax – Get9 (GITS SAC OST 2)
– Family ringtone: Sakamoto Maaya – Hashiru
– Her ringtone: Hayashibara Megumi – Trust You

Thinking of changing her ringtone to Nelly – Hot in Here, since she’s always obsessing with… naked… stuff.

– SMS tone: Shoujo Kakumei Utena – Eyecatcher

And 50% off Swensen’s Earthquake = Yummers. 9 earthquakes ordered by a single table = poor service. Boo. to expire soon. Should I renew? If I don’t, you can still reach me through I’ll probably get or something.


It’s almost 5am and what am I doing?!

Reading Initial D volume 16.
Watching GITS: Standalone Complex.
Listening to Sakamoto Maaya – Hashiru.

Normally, people’d get back on the local schedule after a long journey. Me, I seem to be inducing jetlag instead.


Lately, I find myself not having anything to do on the computer. Sure, I’ve got a few games and anime I haven’t touched, but I just don’t feel like taking the time to install/watch ’em. The manga and anime I want are just too slowly released.

So I download all sorts of other stuff.

And download.

And download.

Maybe it’s the wait. I’ve got another 700 megs of X-Men comics to go. At 4KBs/sec. I’ve got 4 illegal episodes of FMA to go. At 1KB/sec. Bah.

That’s why the PS2 is on again. Playing Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex. Altho it’s Jap, it’s still playable. Love the cutscenes and the lingo. Onimusha 2 & 3 will have to wait till I get a new memory card.

Oh, and we have an aquarium now. With fish.


Watched Potter 3 Wednesday night. It was good. Much better than its prequels but with room to improve.

Had dinner at Swensen’s Thursday night. Cheesy Beef Burger was good. But not as good as Chili’s.

Will probably have dinner with me mom tonight. Tis her birthday after all. Feeling a little bit nauseous though, maybe because of the sudden onslaught of work-induced stress.

Good luck to Vince on his Malaysian Idol audition. 😉

Oo.. and the gallery is back up.

This ain’t summer!

Thinking that it’d be warm in London, I packed lotsa short-sleeved T-shirts and sunblock. Needless to say, the sunblock never left my bag.

Well, I’m back. Back at work. A little groggy, but manageable.

In the span of the 3 days (yes, believe it) I was there, I managed to make somewhat full use of my visit. As soon as the plane touched down, we ran off to check into our (me sibs and dad and meself) hotel and immediately took the tube to Picadilly Circus. The kids wanted to go see the Imaginator, only to find that it wasn’t there. Wait a sec, it says 1998 on our travel brochure! Damned travel agent.

One night somewhat wasted, we decided to make full use of the following days. All of us woke up rather early ’bout 5am but stayed in bed till about 7 since most of the attractions only open at 10. Spent the whole morning at the Natural History Museum, since Khairil’s into that kind of stuff. In the afternoon, after lunch, we went to Madam Tussaud’s. The theme at the time was something like an awards ceremony.. and.. uh.. dancing divas. They had Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and Britney in.. interesting poses. Didn’t manage to take pics with em, as they had this dance thing going on stage and I wasn’t so keen on being a… dancing diva. 😛

The London Planetarium which was pretty much the same building as Tussaud’s was closed. Boo. So then you’d have found us at the London Eye. The view wasn’t bad, but the only notable thing was Big Ben, which was just across the Thames. Crossed over to the other side to get a closer look at the clock tower. After that we went home and ended up sleeping. So much for the evening’s plans.

The next day brought us to the Tower Bridge, which is basically… a bridge.. with towers. Looks nice. Before that we actually went to the London Dungeon first, since it was right next to London Bridge Station. To put it simply, it was a very pricey haunted house. With a brief look at London’s dark history. Crossed over the Tower Bridge and went to see the Tower of London, where the Crown Jewels were held, as well as the largest diamond in the world, supposedly. We also saw their history in terms of armoury and weapons and architecture. Etc. etc. You know. 🙂 Some of the more notable exhibitions were the Prisoners at the Tower and Torture at the Tower. And the Yeomen were nice, in a sense where their guided tours gave us an excellent insight on what happened there. No, not because they were macho men or had tight buns.

It was still rather early, so we took a break and headed to the hotel for a short rest. Later in the evening we got ourselves to New Oxford St to see the largest cult entertainment store in the world.. the Forbidden Planet. Which was closed. Took at stroll along Oxford St to find that most shops were closed. It sucked. I was so sure I could bring home a new DECT phone. 😛 At least BORDERS was open, from which I purchased a copy of Grim Tuesday. Fancy that, having to go all the way for a book I missed. Drowned Wednesday didn’t seem to be out yet.

Went back to Picadilly to try out some of the simulators we discovered on the first night. Bumpy.

The next day I found myself back at Heathrow. A final check on my finances showed I’ve spent 250 ringgit on souvenirs alone. Not enough to cover the entire office either. Oh well.

And I hate parents who can’t control their kids. Especially in economy class. Even more if they’re sitting behind you.


Holiday = More work.

It’s true in a sense. In 6 hours I’ll have to wake up and get ready to leave this place. An hour ago I was still in the office.

I wish I wasn’t so hardworking.

Shopped for Hazzies wedding pressie lunchtime with Su and Sherv. It’s interesting when you’re out shopping with girls… you never get to the part that really matters till it’s too late. 😛

And I did.

Watched S2 again. 🙂

Nothing happened. Had lots to talk about though.

Finished reading all of Please Save My Earth. Excellent.

Watched Hero too.

All in one night.