11 Feb 2005


11 Feb 2005

Found my site hacked sometime yesterday, replacing my index page with a tiny banner. My guess is that they came in through an exploit via my apache server, which I failed to upgrade for some time. Fortunately I had suexec running, so (it seems) like they only managed to gain access to my personal web account instead of the entire shebang.

We’ll see how good these guys really are.

Anyways, this mahjong season has seen its ups and downs. Mostly downs. 😛

Happy Chinese New Year!

Also, sister celebrated her birthday on the 1st day. Got her a cooling thingie for her notebook (a cheapo one) and a Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks. It’s fun playing with new toys. 😀 She also got some of her uni mates to come over for a pool party in the afternoon. Girls, as always, are interesting. 🙂

For meself, I bought a tiny Oral-B Hummingbird yesterday. Not having flossed for a while, I thought it wise to test my flossing skills with a manual flossing agent first. 😛 No major injuries! Yay! Another useful toy!

Gonna just spend the day today just chilling out with the family. I’ve already been out till late for the past two days, and it’d be unusual to continue. Well, at least for straight sessions of mahjong. Hopefully, work this year won’t be as time-consuming either.


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