07 Feb 2005

biji epal dan lain-lain

07 Feb 2005

Did I mention that I watched the Appleseed 2004 movie? It’s cool. Everything’s in 3D. Character animation too has some optical depth to it, just like many recent anime-based games.

Many reviews I’ve read say that the movie sucked because it doesn’t carry the original manga’s depth of character. I think it’s unfair to compare cuz usually the movie is created for non-manga viewers. With manga, mangakas have the flexibility to span their works across however many volumes they like, whereas movies need to capture the audience’s attention within a short and restricted timeframe.

Hence to me, manga will ALWAYS be better than the movie. Same goes for comics that undergo the same treatment. However, take the movie aside and you’d still find it enjoyable. Unless it really sucks anyhow like The Hulk.

Anyway, made my rounds at Low Yat/Sungei Wang today. No new games. Didn’t manage to find what I wanted to buy Ayin for her birthday, but I got something better. And unfortunately much more expensive. :O


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