June 2005

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neverwinter nuts

hordes of the underdark has pretty much glued me to this very computer. i was up till very ‘early’ this morning, getting some good progress in chapter 1 and 2.

“what was lost has now been found”.

let’s talk about what really makes this expansion special. item crafting! although my paladin character does not have that particular skill, there are ways to get your equipment beefed up with the right amount of gold. my holy avenger hastes me, and is keen on critical hits. makes me feel downright invincible.

on a different topic, i’ve installed the spamlookup plugin for MT. it works great! all the mad trackback spam has so far been blocked, and since installing 2 days ago i’ve only had to moderate 2 comments. a far cry from the hundreds of trackback spam i had to deal with every single day.

besides the fact that it actually works, this plugin comes with a set of documentation much more complete than the other plugins like MT-Blacklist. at least you get a sense of what the plugin can do.

hopefully i’ll never have to think about spam again. whee!


going out for dinner with the gang soon, so let’s work up an appetite.

avanti, the italian restaurant in sunway hotel, is truly a unique experience. prices may be a bit steep, but you pay for the ambience and class. skip the grill as it is nothing new, but be sure to try the pastas. you’ll never find pasta as rich as the ones served here.

let us not forget the singing chefs that make their rounds every half hour. supposedly they cook at lunch and perform in the evening. somewhat unbelievable, looking at how superbly they sing (they’re philipino btw), but i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

ok, now that my tummy is growling, let’s talk about other things.

finally watched batman begins last night. it was great. superb. stupendous. i don’t have to watch batman & robin to say how much of an improvement this was compared to the previous batman movies. very nice.

fight scenes were a bit headachy though. and i keep thinking dawson when i see katie holmes. argh.

i’ve recently cancelled my visa gold card. some dubious net transactions just poppep up on my bill. i remember making some proper ones before, but i wasn’t sure if it was with this particular card. in any case, things like this have happened before. only reason i can think of is that the sites i’ve made payments to were hacked. otherwise there should be no way that anyone could’ve gotten hold of my cvv2 number.

i’ve finished playing the shadows of undrentide NWN campaign. playing paladin is so cool, and the items you can find in the game are unbelievable. imagine finding a holy avenger sword in some unmarked chest. yum.

time to start hordes of the underdark. wish i wouldn’t lose my gear in the beginning though.

thank you

a quick shout out to all my friends who graciously went to dinner with me last night. thanks for the food! i really appreciate you guys spending the time and effort.

the road to recovery

is a long one. filled with all sorts of traps too. things that lure the taste buds.

it’s friday. 6 days before, my nose wouldn’t stop running. monday came, and i was feeling lethargic, with a superman underwear throat (i.e. bright red). got my mc for a day, which was spent playing shadows of undrentide. i seem to have recovered by nightfall.

10pm. 12am. 2am. was unable to sleep, probably due to the two swigs of ho yan hor tea i took before going to bed. hours passed as i reflected on the stupid things i’ve made in the past, and pondered on the things i need to do in the morning.

only started getting woozy about 6.30am. :/

evening came. i was getting severe stomach cramps. tried to endure, even while driving. i broke down at 5am. relief came 2 hours later.

moral of the story so far: too much tea is bad.

it’s friday. and i still have my flu.

too much work is bad too.

lure of violence

finished playing shadow of rome! sequel sequel, we want a sequel!

finished watching azumi 2! no sequel, just more aya ueto please. 😀

shadow of rome: nice storyline. interesting plot twists. cool killer moves.

azumi 2: storyline ain’t that great. nice legs. farfetched battle scenes. nice legs.

shadow of rome: violent!

azumi 2: violent in a weird way!

shadow of rome!

azumi 2!


The Banoffee Connection

My follow up tribute to Banoffee, the current star of my dessert list and possible ventures into movies.

Possible movies to be made: The Banoffee Identity, The Banoffee Supremacy, The Banoffee Ultimatum, Banoffee Begins, Revenge of Banoffee, Banoffee of Brothers, Banoffee Jones’ Diary, My Sassy Banoffee.

Possible movie quote that got axed:
Darth Vader: Luke, I ate your banoffee….
Luke: Nooooooooooooooooooo

ID4: Today, we celebrate our independence day…with banoffee for dessert

Morpheus: You have a choice Neo. You take the banoffee, and you never have to worry about anything but sinful dessert. You take the red pill, and I’ll show you how mass orgies in Zeon are like.


i’ve promised myself that i’d work only from 8 to 5. within those nine hours, work is top priority. this restriction was placed upon myself in order to save my sanity.

doesn’t seem to be working though.

this self-imposed rule may have given me more hours to do other things, but even now as i sit at home in front of my pc, i still feel there are many things that could’ve gone better. many things that i could’ve planned properly. many things that i didn’t have to promise. many things that i shouldn’t need to think about.

i can’t make everyone happy. i am only one person. i must request for assistance. and i have.

and it comes in the form of an assistant.

an assistant who can’t do programming.
an assistant who doesn’t like to do programming.
an assistant older than me.

and i have no right to complain, it seems. i’m not even supposed to do programming. i’m supposed to rely on the understaffed pool of programmers.

and there aren’t any young ‘uns available, after all.

it’s time to be more assertive.
it’s time to forget about respecting the elderly.
it’s time to delegate.
it’s time to learn to say no.

it’s time to become a manager. without the extra fringe benefits.

my life as usual:

work at full throttle. only effective 8 to 5.

games! shadows of rome on hold. begin neverwinter nights: shadows of undrentide. not to forget, the party of 3:
– Avalynn Stormcrow (that’s me! :D). Sorceror.
– Zeke Raynor (JL). Fighter.
– Luthien Tinuvel (kittenz). Ranger.

mandarin class! aaaa homework!

and other people’s weddings. bleh.

for the glory of neverwinter!

server is up! if you can read this blog, then you can connect to the server as well. 🙂

port is 5121.

you might want to read this.

i have to warn you though… i’m downloading a huge amount of stuff at the moment. and it seems modules are loaded from the server. hmm.. see how lah.

ps: actually, it’s on the way up. i haven’t setup the proper port forwardings. kinda downloading some juicy items which must not be interupted. 😀