09 Jan 2006

lunch break

09 Jan 2006

sigh.. all it takes is one phone call to ruin a noon nap.

merv and az were trying to get me out of office to play mahjong. but i shouldn’t give in to temptation each time. besides, it’s a little wasteful to take half day off now considering i have only another 2 1/4 hours to spend at the office.

my WoW exploits at the office have finally paid off. while something is causing the game to crap out on my desktop, it runs quite ok on the notebook. the graphics may be sub standard, but it seems workable. it’ll be useful for those late nights waiting for ayin to finish her work. she’s going to start her practical training soon, and i can only guess that she’ll be required to work long hours.

anyways, i got my sis to start on WoW. even her bf is contemplating on getting himself a copy, altho he’s still uncertain whether the monthly fee is worth it. even i am having doubts, as we’ve been having a LOT of problems with the server lately. constant lags, and quite a few crashes since the new 1.9 patch are causing much frustration among users of our Khaz’goroth realm.

my bro has also started playing, altho BF2 is still his primary thing. i guess it’s better that way, since i don’t want him to get addicted to more things. in fact, as soon as we see trouble with his school work, he’ll never touch the PC again.

besides WoW, i didn’t do much over the weekend ‘cept for cleaning up the house a bit, as well as helping Fish move to his brother’s house at Damansara Kim. his house will be renovated soon, so he’ll only be there temporarily with the rest of his family. being only a helper, i did not fully experience the stress in its entirety, but it seemed that i’d be able to cope with my own moving sooner or later. when my family first moved into our current home, i only cared about transporting my computer. šŸ˜› being young sure had its privileges. saying that, i don’t think i’ll be sparing any of my siblings the work. šŸ˜›

i liked his temp home, being new and somewhat modern even though it’s located in a cramped area in PJ. i thought the renovation was done rather well, and it’s really making me itch for my own landed home. there’s still some affordable double storey link houses in the vicinity that are still ‘quite’ affordable (if we pooled all our money together). at the same time, my sibs tell me that my dad wants to transfer over his share of the apartment to me. a very lucrative offer, but i’m afraid the high service charges alone will kill me (i.e. force me to quit WoW among other things). well, we’ll see if that upcoming promotion comes through and make a decision then.

sigh, any mention of promotion these days makes me feel disillusioned.

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