10 Jan 2006

misplaced faith

10 Jan 2006

found out before dinner that it’s my ram that has been causing so much problems with system stability. not surprising, but i was hoping that it wouldn’t turn out as expected. what was supposed to make my overclocked system stable turns out to be the culprit. harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi is the malay phrase that comes to mind.

let’s step back a few years to see why i have blindly placed my trust in Crucial, even with all the recent bad rep. Crucial used to be Micron, a company which churned out pretty decent SDRAM back in the Pentium III days. I always ordered Micron CAS2 RAM, even if they’re a tad expensive than usual, and have never had problems with them ever.

now, it’s just a name i want to forget.

before we start another “you shouldn’t have overclocked” discussion, bear in mind that the RAM i bought is manufactured specifically to keep up with my current overclocked CPU speed. my front side bus was upped from 200 to 250 MHz, and PC-4000 DDR SDRAM should be able to follow that without any stress at all!

luckily i still have my old ram to use when the time comes for me to RMA both sticks. i don’t want anything to do with Crucial any more, so there’s no point keeping one good stick and sending back another. nowadays, there are just so many alternatives, providing the same level of warranty (lifetime). and they’re much cheaper too.

now, hopefully my supplier is as helpful as he says he is.

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