26 Mar 2006

V for Vendetta…

26 Mar 2006

…IS DA BOMB! Seriously, it’s a great show. everyone, go watch it. 🙂

actually, i was thinking it’d be a flop, seeing as there hasn’t been that many good comic conversion films. guess i underestimated the bros.

anyway, watched it with my cousin ES since we didn’t have anything else to do. well, at least i didn’t. it’s great to actually spend time with the extended family; before this we’d only meet at family gatherings.

1u gsc seats were comfy, as usual.

and, they (1u) had a remote control (RC) tournament. watching those cars zip through the track sure makes you wanna get one of your own. 😀 reminds me of younger Tamiya mini 4wd days, which sadly weren’t very fruitful due to lack of funds.

got back, tried to get onto WoW. realm server was down. realm status page was down too. blizzard really needs to get its act together. tried my alt server, and no one i knew was there. so the next best thing was to hop in to where steph is playing on Tichondrius. the game is actually much more refreshing when you can interact with people you’re already friends with. (no offense Az, but i rarely see you online nowadays :P). also caught up with raptor and loafer, who’ve been playing for over a year.

i can really see myself spending more time on this server 🙂 it’s an american server too, so peak-time traffic jams are no longer an issue (well, no longer a big issue) for us foreign players. maybe i can try pull a few people from the other realms i’m playing on. 😛

oo and btw, i finished the fruits basket anime. such a sweet ending. luckily i bought the manga so that i can follow the rest of the storyline! 😀

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