30 Mar 2006

back from the line dead

30 Mar 2006

yay, i’m back.

server’s back. phone line is back. downloading is back. everything is back. no thanks to telekom.

[finds phone line dead on monday. calls at night using my celcom line]
[dials 100]
“selamat datang ke TM. untuk bahasa malaysia, tekan 1. for english, press 2”
[presses 2]
“for products and services, press 1. to report a fault, press 2, ..”
[presses 2]
“to report a telephone line fault, press 1, ..
[presses 1]
* beep beep beep*

and the line goes dead.

called again, tried BM this time. got past 121, the system asks for my number then hands me over an operator. i tell her my name and say i have a problem.

she asks me my number again (makes me wonder why i had to dial it in earlier)
she asks me my name again.
then she promises to open a technician report. or something like that.

tuesdays comes. nothing from TM yet. called that evening again 3 times and all were disconnected.

wednesday comes. managed to get a local number from the condo security guards. the call management seems different, but similar. disconnected twice so i didn’t manage to speak to anyone yet again. got annoyed and went to TM’s website and posted a very threatening comment on their ‘Fault Management System’. it basically contained some references to taking a lift up to the upper management. called again in the evening and yay, they finally have my report on file. fix ETA is 3pm the following day. any trace of the monday call? none whatsoever.

so the moral of the story is: to be efficient is to remove all human factors. and don’t be nice by default.

on the lighter side of things, i got promoted finally. and i finished watching season one of The O.C. yay me.

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