06 Jun 2006

importing goods

06 Jun 2006

things to – buy from / do in – sydney:-

– MCE remote
– extra cutting discs?
– cheap devices?: sony t-30 / nano ipod / thinkpad X60?

– watch silent hill!
– go snowboarding?
– see the sights?

i need ideas people! 😀 and anyone wanna tag along? 😀

yeah, i’ll be going to sydney sometime july/august. my sister’s been admitted to UNSW with a scholarship to boot. 🙂 i’m so happy for her!!! at the same time, she got a silver for selangor in SUKMA. terer siot.

it’s going to be fun to get to visit another ‘western’ country. and with my sister there, i can take the opportunity to order stuff via her. 😀

anyway, i just saw a video of the demonstration held in front of klcc when petrol prices went up. those people got a free shower. 🙂 can’t blame them though: although our gas is still subsidized, our relative cost of living is still pretty high. heck, i don’t think i’ll be able to afford a house within a 50km radius of my office.

might just execute my plan to migrate. let’s brain more drain! i mean drain more brain!

gundam seed: 15/50.
my name is earl s1: 19/??
house md s2: 5/??
WoW: on hold.

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  1. tIcKLe`Me June 7th, 2006 11:36AM

    wahlau. ur sis memang terror. what did she get silver for ler?

  2. myuu June 7th, 2006 6:49PM

    sailing 🙂 it’s the official family sport. i’ve retired tho, so no more glory for me 😛


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