12 Jun 2006

happy birthday mom!

12 Jun 2006

mum turned *censored* yesterday. was going to get her a new phone, but the particular model i was looking for, the 6230i, was out of stock. well, i’ll just get it sooner or later. instead, i picked up a card from parkson sungei wang, and the sis picked up a cake.

so it’s a non-school holiday monday today, and the roads are almost as packed as it was 2 weeks earlier. luckily i still managed to get to work on time, despite being nocturnal over the weekend to finish watching gundam seed and destiny. monday’s are usually the hardest workdays, as you struggle to remember where you left off the week before. but because i’m afflicted with a ‘dreaming of work’ syndrome, it wasn’t so hard this time.

feeling under the weather tho. sigh…

gundam seed: 50/50.
gundam seed destiny: 33/50.
my name is earl s1: 19/?? awaiting download
house md s2: 5/?? on hold
WoW: on hold.

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