22 Jun 2006

shopping spree

22 Jun 2006

whee. me dear singapore cuzzies came to visit last weekend. i like spending time with them; somehow all the stress from work just disappears. they went shopping for the entire weekend (including monday), and it was a little tiring, but i don’t mind. good company will always bring out the joy in anything. 🙂 and i got a nice new shirt and mirrormask, which i’ve yet to watch just yet.

i knew you girls would pull something like that in the last minute. 😛

anyways, it’s amazing how women can shop so much. and i’ve yet to be exposed to the hardcore shoppers. :O

so, after they left for home, Merv called and we had tong shui in SS2. Vivien’s in town too. i forgot to mention, she’s his wife. 🙂

in the following days to come, i managed to cover some movies i’ve downloaded. The Island was nice. storyline was a little weak, but the cool chase scenes and Scarlet Johannsen (atsui!) saved the day! Doom was fun to watch. a little mindless havoc never hurt anyone. 🙂 the first-person perspective scene was nostalgic, altho the actual game is more fast paced. 😛 Hitch was a great movie. Eva Mendez! 😀

now i’ve Ong Bak, and a little bit of Bewitched left.

at the office, i’ve finally finished B13, a French action flick. it has elements of those people who like to jump and scale tall buildings.. can’t quite recall their name. anyways, it’s directed by Luc Besson, the guy behind The Fifth Element. it’s great work. 🙂 and Dany Verissimo is cute too. 😀

don’t worry, i only watch during break time or after hours when i’m waiting for things to finish running. 😛

speaking of downloading, my server’s been acting up a lot lately. somehow the power died during the weekend, then there was a power failure on tuesday. and the router’s DDNS function is starting to crap out every week again. i thought D-Link was bad, but Linksys seems to want to take their place at the bottom of the crap jar.

if i had a JTAG cable, i’d switch to DD-WRT in a heartbeat.

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  1. ichaya June 22nd, 2006 12:11PM

    if we had more time in kl i’d go sight-seeing! =) maybe next time, will agitate for another trip up soon hahaha… altho sept might be a prob, we’re supposed to be moving tt mth, bleah

  2. myuu June 22nd, 2006 2:38PM

    oh well, our doors are always open. 🙂

  3. Hemlocke June 23rd, 2006 10:28AM

    Damn, we sooo need to find a new gag ^^ Time for more cunning plans!

    And you’re so polite, a little tiring? XD XD We ran you ragged I think ahahaa. Fear not, if the hardcore shoppers ever make an appearance, ichaya and I will rescue you from them ^^


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