14 Jun 2006

a bump in the night

14 Jun 2006

just watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, screening courtesy of Catcha. lotsa eye candy for sure, girls and cars alike. more girls than cars actually.

anyway, i parked me car at a very difficult spot to get out of. not because it was tight, but due to the heavy volume of cars leaving the parking structure. a civic had just passed behind us (merv, fish, and henry were passengers) and there was a gap for me to reverse into the queue. but what i didn’t realise was that the queue had stopped right there behind me, and i didn’t notice the guys’ oi’s before it was too late. luckily, it was a lil bump and no major harm was done.

thinking abt what got into me tonight, it was probably me assuming traffic flow would go a certain ways, or me assuming my passengers had me covered. anyhows, it was bad driving on my part. but this points out one funny characteristic abt me: when i’m alone, i will somehow or rather always keep myself on the ground and out of harm’s way. but when i’m with people, i start getting complacent, somehow subconsciously hoping others would do my thinking for me. remember the low yat parking ticket incident? 🙁

maybe it’s a part of me being easily swayed by others. a part of me that can’t stand confrontations. a part of me that is always agreeable. a part of me that will always leave me being second best at most. a part that will leave me having what i need but not what i want.

or maybe i just think too much. rarely emotional. whenever i do get angry, all the arguments would play out in my head and never out of my mouth. afraid of losing; afraid of rejection; afraid of getting hurt. afraid of getting the people close to me hurt. maybe.

well, at least one thing amusing abt this whole incident was that there were two lost girls taking camera pics of the scene of the crime.

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