30 Jun 2006

super stress

30 Jun 2006

sigh… stress levels peaked yesterday as the search for sydney accommodation continues. the thing is i can’t do as much at home, so much time is spent on this activity in the office. and the office is already hectic as it is, with the stupid little issues that get under your skin. and then there’s my mom’s HK3 tax forms to submit. argh, so many expectations, so little time and brain matter.

it didn’t help that i got creamed in BF2 that evening; there goes my only source of stress relief. i’m also still bummed out abt my puter…

well, at least superman returned. to a hot MILF i might add (plagiarised from Merv-speech) 😛 when it comes to watching movies in a cinema, i’m still amazed at how people can manage to get their legs and knees up against the seat in front, even with the huge amount of leg space given. it’s like going as low as possible increases the amount of enjoyment. maybe they admire the back of our heads.

i curse thee with cronic back pain!

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