10 Sep 2006


10 Sep 2006

it’s been a long day. you wanna get home. although it wasn’t all that bad, and the mood was still good.

the drive home takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. no problem. lots of chit chat along the way. so far so good.

then we get to a jammed junction near sunway. it’s a shortcut. we cut in. she keeps talking, telling me to look out for this and that. fine.

then i was a little slow in closing the gap in front of me. a car cuts in. not so fine anymore. she starts chiding me, condescendingly mocking my driving. why am i so slow? why did i let the car in? grrr.

so just to continue the conversation in a lighter tone, i replied that the girl in the passenger seat was staring at me and i just stared back. then she starts attacking that fact, saying i’m easily distracted, saying things that make you feel like the whole day of keeping her company was a damned waste of time. telling me how girls distract me so easily, and how i’ve lost my Iman. and she keeps going on and on while i’m trying to negotiate lane switches because this car that just cut in was just acting fuctup.

so i snapped. just because i let one car cut in doesn’t mean i’m a bad driver. heck, if you think my driving is so bad, go drive yourself to some remote kampung in selangor. why make me haul myself there, wanting to help you out since you’re soooo old and helpless and all that, then start nagging me like i don’t deserve to be in the driver’s seat?

and while we’re on the subject of iman, maybe i already have gone down the wrong path. maybe i’m doomed to go to hell and burn for eternity. yeah, that girl took one look into my eyes and sucked my soul out. please lah, she’s not even that good looking. if i set my standards that low i might be hitched by now. and i thought you were worried about me still being single?

but you might be right. i am easily manipulated by the opposite sex. moms included.

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