12 Sep 2006

people problems

12 Sep 2006

how do you tell a grown up that his coming late to work, his sleeping at the office, and his constant disappearing acts are not appreciated?

or since his behavior is rather childish, we can treat him the same way you discipline a child? or perhaps some quick counseling will suffice?

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  1. myztika September 12th, 2006 2:27PM

    hmmm.. your description sounds a lot like… a lot of my colleagues! it’s slackerville around here, gosh. XD

    perhaps some words to shame him into proper behavior? embarrassment in front of a lot of pple can be good motivation for some peeps. heh.

    i don’t have the liberty to try this at my workplace however, since im just small fry here. thus explaining my very bad mood and cranky behavior during work hours. 😀

  2. myuu September 14th, 2006 9:00AM

    hmm well, the keyword from my boss in this case is motivation. so need to somehow motivate him into being proper.

    it’s about time i start experimenting with people’s feelings. muhuhaha. hopefully the repercussions unto myself isn’t too bad. 😛


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