30 Oct 2006

back from sg

30 Oct 2006

Says the title. 🙂

Had a pretty good time. Arrived on the island late, as we got caught up with Raya-ing in Batu Pahat, then ended up in the rush hour jam along the BP-Ayer Hitam route. Friday saw us visiting relatives and entertaining them at my Mak Tok’s place where we stayed. Went out with cuzzies Hemlocke and ichaya on Saturday, visiting Orchard Rd for the Death Note movie. Crowd in the area has thinned, due to the recent opening of the new shopping mall Vivo City in another area. Had lunch at Sakae Sushi, where the food was nice, but we were surrounded by kids who either tried to climb across or throw empty nut pods at us (thankfully, I think only I noticed). Went to jalan2 at Kino, spying any books that I might want to grab when I return (Artemis Fowl, Lost Colony).

Started driving home at 8pm, arriving 12am. No jams, yay.

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  1. aly November 3rd, 2006 2:13AM

    eh dun buy la lost colony!
    i pass to u!

  2. myuu November 3rd, 2006 8:42AM

    oh, were we chatting abt this earlier? forgot liao. 😛

    but i already have the other 4 books.. might want to make a collection. 😀

  3. aly November 3rd, 2006 5:12PM

    hmm… ok lo


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