30 Oct 2006

stealth driving

30 Oct 2006

Finally, posts from another blogger. Guess I’ll need to reintroduce author pics to avoid any confusion.

Anyway, while entertaining family guests at home during the Raya holidays, I was looking out the balcony when I noticed something peculiar with my Accord parked outside: the front license plate was missing. That gives 2 possibilities: it was stolen, or it dropped off while I was driving. The fact that the plate was only recently replaced would give cause for reason 1 with it being all nice and shiny, and reason 2 perhaps due to sloppy mounting. Oh well, I’ve already decided to stop going to Utama Tayar & Bateri Service, since they lack the courtesy to assign me more experienced workers and have had many occurences of replacing things that don’t fix problems.
Thought I’d be able to just leave the car as-is, and have my dad deal with it, but after the long trip from Singapore, we kinda left the Kelisa keys in the Waja, and with the Waja leaving the house before I wake up, I was left with no choice but to take the Accord instead.

Hopefully I don’t bump into any traffic police. 😛

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  1. piffles October 31st, 2006 10:18PM

    i go to the one next to it … uhm… yep! the one next to it on the right =D

  2. myuu November 1st, 2006 12:15AM

    ah.. was wondering what exactly you were referring to. 😛

    now, i’m with Lim Tayar in Taman Tun. A little bit expensive, but fast and efficient.


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