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2 sound cards (1 record, 1 playback) + line-in pass-thru (winamp) + ps2

All this while, since my last XP reinstall, my computer has been passwordless as I wanted to simulate a proper HTPC environment, one which allows me to not go near my PC at all if I want to watch anything. Well, by setting a numeric password, I can still use the remote to key it in. And that’s that.

Anyway, earlier I mentioned the problems I had with hooking up my PS2 to my PC’s sound system. First was the RCA/miniplug problem, which was solved with a simple adapter bought at Carrefour for RM5 (I hear they’re much cheaper at Pasar Rd, but I doubt I’d be making my way there soon). Thought that would be the end of my woes.

Then this other problem appeared. In my computer, I have two sound “systems” (I’d say cards but one is actually built-in). The reason why I revived my old SB Live was because:-

  • I have a 5.1 speaker system with 3 miniplug inputs (front, rear, center)
  • I have an onboard sound system with 3 miniplug outputs, with one functioning as either center or mic.
  • I have a headset mic for XFire and Teamspeak.

So that situation left me with no input jacks for my mic, and that’s where Live came in. Thinking back, maybe I should’ve bought a speaker set with digital inputs. Oh well.

Now all was fine and dandy, since I never had to hear what I actually spoke into my mic. And when I did, the program, like BF2’s mic test, will handle the pass-thru. But for the PS2, which is an external source, doesn’t have anything on the PC to do this for it.

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oh baby wait and see

Utada Hikaru sings the new ringtone for my Friend caller group. Unplugged. Mmm.

Clocked in 5 hours on FFXII. I just love the new Gambit system. Really want to play this game without cheating, but time is of the essence.

Spent the whole day yesterday at the funeral, from the Selayang Hospital to somewhere near Bukit Berunting. At least I got some exercise in.

Episode checklist:-

  • Lost S03 E02
  • Heroes S01 E03 – this is starting to get really interesting

feckin rempit wannabes

was coming out my office carpark at plaza pantai and was then stuck in a small jam leading out of the TM tower compound. i was almost out of the ramp, when the usual motorcycle buzzing sounds appear from behind. the first few manage to pass without incident, but then this last guy thinks he’s just as good as the rest and tries to pass my already tight left side.
and then he hits my side mirror. i could only stare, and the anger didn’t come immediately (which tapered off later via some aggressive driving). but he doesn’t look back, nor does wave an apology, nor does he even bother to readjust my mirror back into place!

it sucks when there’s people like that in the world. people who don’t bother being nice to others, even during puasa month. but what can you expect from a bunch of people who, obviously the rowdy i-failed-my-spm type, go around honking each other while riding around the carpark and without their helmets to boot. anyways, they seem to be building staff, so it might not be wise to blast at them, lest they decide to scratch my car and taubat for it later.

this is actually my 2nd time writing this post. 1st version got lost when my connection to the net somehow got screwy. might’ve been God’s redemption for me saying, “hope it really hurts when they fall”. well, i’ll say it again: hope it really hurts when they fall.


my bro left my limited edition ffx-2 memory card at my sister’s boyfriend’s houseeeeeeeeeee~

who knows how long it has been and whether it’s still thereeeeeeeeee~

memory card (rm140) + resp mask (rm40) = rm180? and that’s just looking at the monetary value. 🙁

the astro max fallacy

Recently Astro launched their MAX service, which seems to be a DVB-S enabled PVR basically. What’s troubling is that, in their FAQ, they state that they’re competitively priced against DVD Recorders, which may be true but is similar to comparing apples and oranges.

Fact is, there is no other digital PVR available widely in this country. Enthusiasts might bring them in, but without wholesale prices they can be very expensive. An open market of these devices might help alleviate the situation, but it will be tough with local capitalist control.
We might probably see the same situation as well with MiTV. While its introduction will allow us two choose between the two giants, we’re still chained to their respective propriety devices, with Astro commanding satellite transmission, and MiTV with a firm grip on terrestrial airwaves.

Perhaps like the VHS and VCR, the independently manufactured PVR will make its way into the mainstream market eventually. But it looks like a long time coming.


With FFXII in hand, I spent a few moments moving my PS2 into the room. My monitor made the video connection real easy, but now I’m missing a crucial component: audio. Before this, I could just plug straight into the TV’s RCA plugs, but most monitors like mine are audioless and thus devoid of any audio connectivity. The only way I can get audio now is via my computer’s audio system, which only take stereo miniplugs as input.

Gonna have to spend some time today looking for a proper cable. Hmm..


The weather, I mean.

It’s Sunday the 15th, and that leaves one more week of work before Eid. Nothing much to do but shop for clothes and other thingies.

Saturday saw my mom and I at Midvalley, looking at the sale at Metrojaya. Today we were at the Curve, also at Metrojaya as well as short visits to Ikea and Macys. Picked up a Kvartal panel curtain set to experiment with, and of course some nice clothes for work.

And all these trips were in the afternoon. Weekend mornings are reserved for snoozing.

Saturday night was my cousin Eng Siang’s wedding at Nikko. Great fun being an usher/receptionist. We thought the theme was red so the whole family wore red, but as it turns out, red was the theme for the hall, and not the dress. So we pretty much blended in with the background. Tan Sri Ani Arope was also there; he was alone but looking healthy. Had a chat with him about his recent newspaper article, as well as other things concerning TNB.

Tonight I’m to rejoin some of my fellow SMBBians for a reunion buka puasa at Nelayan Titiwangsa. It’s been pouring for 2 hours now, but hopefully the place won’t get flooded. It’s times like these I wish we still had our Pajero.

But nevertheless, the yum char session with Merv after will probably still go on. I’ve a hard drive casing to pick up from him, and a copy of FF12 from Fish. Looks like my PS2 will find a new home in my room. 😀