20 Nov 2006

brain overheating

20 Nov 2006

T’was the normal pain in the head. Annoying but never crippling. Today was the same, except on a slightly larger magnitude.

Hence the EL, which later got converted into an MC.

So that’s a migraine. I’ve always had it, but had usually attributed it as a common headache. And I thought it folly to assume that they were migraines without actually knowing the symptoms, and without a doctor telling you that they were.

And I’m starting to love painkillers. What migraine? But no, only if prescribed. Too much medication = bad.

Still, I’m wondering if I should turn in this MC. If I recall correctly, I haven’t taken MC this year at all. And that might warrant an award of sorts. 🙂

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  1. myztika November 21st, 2006 5:22PM

    ouch. poor u. headaches already kill me, so i cant imagine suffering thru a migraine. 😛

    i haven’t taken any MC this year either. am not getting any awards for that tho. altho, that might have something to do with me using up all my paid leave so quickly, hehehehe.

    take care u!

  2. myuu November 21st, 2006 5:52PM

    ahhh that headache might be a migraine! they say if it’s on one side, it’s usually a migraine.

    mine seemed to correlate with a tight feeling in my sinus. too much pressure in there or something.

    anyways, instead of MC i had taken lots and lots of emergency leave, so that wouldn’t be looked upon too kindly either. 😛


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