20 Dec 2006

old friend?

20 Dec 2006

KW’s back from the UK. for a while. same old guy from when i knew him from secondary school. same old person i met last night, in Bangsar, with Fish & Choo. same old fun, and also the same old annoyances.

honestly, i’m not so fond of his personality. he’s very quick to put people down at any chance. but a friend is a friend nonetheless. just gotta take it in little doses. and like every person, has good qualities to make things easier. 🙂

anyways, one of my wisdom teeth has started acting up again, and it got worse throughout the evening. by the time i got to bed, i couldn’t clench my jaw properly, and i was afraid that a nocturnal teeth-grinding session will happen and make things worse. fortunately, it didn’t, but then i was also feeling a little feverish today; might’ve caught something from Fish. 🙁

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  1. Hemlocke December 20th, 2006 9:54PM

    Are you going to take out your wisdom teeth? I had to take all 4 out coz they were getting to be a total pain. Plus I had food stuck in between my teeth all the time. It was gross, euww XDXD

  2. myuu December 20th, 2006 11:07PM

    i wanted to take em out.. but the dentist said tunggu dulu. :


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