24 Jan 2007

boon tat

24 Jan 2007

note to self: directions to boon tat seafood restaurant: head towards port klang from klang, turn left at the port klang futsal center into pandamaran (may have to slip into the side road before the turn). after the light, instead of curving left along the road, take an illegal right into the housing area. break through, and there it is at the end.

must bring hokkien (well, at least canto)-speaking friend. πŸ˜›

*drool* crabs. fish. oysters. it was great. awesome. but the 6 of us – me, my mom, uncle jimmy, simon, patrizia & valeria – still couldn’t finish all those dishes.

spicy chili crabs, then tomato/sweet-hot crabs, then salt-fried prawns, then oyster omellette, then fishcake wrapped back in its own skin, then pomfret in mee hoon and soup. woooo bliss!

pictures later. πŸ˜€

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