27 Jan 2007

boyz ii men

27 Jan 2007

just got back from the boyz 2 men concert at genting. it was great. although i should’ve prepared myself by listening to some of their songs before going, cuz i couldn’t follow the lyrics to most of their songs. shawn stockman cried while performing “color of love”. but we probably won’t find out why.
and….. hannah tan was there. mmmm… she was wearing this white dress that was just… *gasp*. we bumped into her on the way to the arena of stars, and it was nice having her in your sight all along the way. i only realised later that harith iskandar was with her. 😛

and… i can say it was also a day of food. marmalade lunch with yvonne, where i had the spaghetti funghi, altho i’d say i prefer the smoked salmon i had before, and a fruit shake. then roti telur from the mamak near merv’s shop, then 2 scoops of baskin robbins’ strawberry cheesecake on a waffle cone. finished with a sirap limau ais  at mahbub.

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