28 Jan 2007

my date with oysters.

28 Jan 2007

finally, after craving for sashimi and oysters for so long, i got to have ’em today. yup yup yup. at jogoya, starhill kl.

the place wasn’t that crowded, like it was when it first opened, but my friend and friends wanted to take precautions by making reservations. (i say screw the reservations and just go there. though, perhaps for bigger parties, it would be better.)

free yee sang for a table of 8 people or more. we had to remind them, but after it came, we didn’t feel like doing the deed – no one knew the ritual or the words to go with it. anyway, it was a quiet affair (re: yee sang) and after that, no one wanted to eat it. everyone wanted to save space in their tummies for other stuff. but the sashimi in it didn’t go to waste. =)

now that i’ve been there twice, i’ve had my fill of the place, i’m done with jogoya. but for those who haven’t been there and would like to make full use of the 2-3 hours of buffet time, should do so. cheapest price of RM68++ is at 2-430pm or 930-1130pm. i think.

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  1. myuu January 29th, 2007 8:55AM

    wow. and we just talked abt it on friday. 😛

  2. piffles January 29th, 2007 9:22AM

    i know! hehehee
    dunno why, but the mere mentioning of the word ‘sashimi’ makes my mouth water …

  3. Ayin January 30th, 2007 12:14PM

    Is that the same place we went to before I left?

  4. myuu January 30th, 2007 1:27PM

    yup. btw, if you haven’t noticed, i didn’t write this post. 😛


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