29 Jan 2007

wow food

29 Jan 2007

aka WoW and Food.

WoW: reactivated my account on Saturday. was too lazy to go pick up my code from Az, and had him give me my Burning Crusade (BC) key instead, but as it turned out I need the BC CDs to access the BC content. so it was more Oblivion for that day.

picked up the CDs on Sunday after an outing with Fish and Zoe. started installing it immediately when i got home, and had it going while i mopped the apartment floor. rolled a fresh new blood elf priest this time, with the standard red hair, on Tichondrius, where Fuzzy, Raptor, & Loafer plays. but of course, i prolly won’t see them so soon, since they’re level 60+ and all. 😛

and the blood elf is female this time. forget the social quirks, i just wanna play the game. and there are a lot of guys out there who can’t resist helping sexy female characters. 😛

Food: on Sunday, Zoe, Fish & I went out for makan2 and some other things. Fish and I were planning to get info on offered Advanced Open Water courses at 1U. Zoe joined the fray when she needed to look at some things there as well. so we were in Bangsar for breakfast, where I had 2 half boiled eggs. Then Keng San/c3l joins us for our trip to 1U.

at 1U, there were 2 dive centers, both with their… ups and downs. we’re still not sure what the plan is, because one of the shops haven’t finalised their schedules yet. we’ll probably get back to them in a week or two.

we then proceeded to Chilis for a light lunch. shared a Triple Play, Bottomless Tostada Chips w/ Beef Queso, and had a cup of Chili on the side. had probably 5 rounds of Bottomless Mango Juice.

lepas tu, singgah stationery shop, then balik. but not before stopping by Az’s place. 😀

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