31 Jan 2007

On brunch conversations…

31 Jan 2007

So earlier today I had brunch with a couple of friends, S and T (not related to anyone who reads/posts on this blog/comments). Here’s a paraphrased (as I recall it) excerpt of our conversation.

S: I really need to get married.
T: What, you’re broke already? Heh
S: No, no. I wanna have kids. My ovaries are screaming.
A: (chokes on drink)
T: Hahaha! What the hell, that’s definitely a new one.
S: Seriously, I wanna have kids. So you guys set me up with someone!
A: Hmm, well I do have this friend of mine who’s available. A steady sort of chap.
S: Oh?
A: Yeah, he works as an IT executive involved with HR in TNB.
S: Dear god, not another geek!
T: Heh, what”s the catch, A?
A: Well, S will have to make a couple of sacrifices of course when it comes to him.
S: (raises eyebrow)
A: First, he’s moslem, so there goes your alcohol. Second, he’s still a fairly junior exec, so he definitely can’t support your lifestyle. In fact, you’ll be supporting him in turn I think. Third, well…the fact that you’re a multiple divorcee will definitely make his family’s eyebrows shoot up.
T: (laughing hard)
S: Har, har, har. Very funny. Is he at least tall and strong with a good build?
A: On the contrary, he’s shorter, and I do believe lighter then you.
S: Definitely out then. My previous husbands all carried me through the door of our home. It’ll be a good start to this marriage if I go ker-splat and squash him as he carries me across the aisle.
A & T: (laughing)
S: What about you T? Any recommendations?
T: S my dear, I know of plenty of eligible chaps. All of whom can’t afford you. (grinning)
A: Well if he won’t do, I do know of another guy too who’s available. He’s Chinese and works as an insurance adjustor.
S: Hmm, insurance? Boring sort of person?
A: On the contrary, he’s quite a friendly chap.
T: What’s the drawback then?
A: Money. Definitely can’t support your lifestyle, S.
S: Sheesh, find me a rich husband already! Don’t keep bring up guys who can’t afford me!
T: Eh, why don’t you marry some datuk or other alreadylah.
S: No way. I get enough indecent proposals from datuks. One who’s my client is trying to make me wife number three.
T: Geez…
S: And he’s Chinese at that, not a moslem. Me, a third wife, ha!

Ahh, I do enjoy these brunch meetings. The conversation always amuses me.

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  1. myuu January 31st, 2007 1:04AM

    lol. see? girls dig the fish more. 😛


  1. terrible thursday at purrgatory

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