21 Feb 2007


21 Feb 2007

i’ve dumped my 3-columned 3K2Redux theme for a standard K2 one. reason being K2 being more of an active development project compared to 3K2 which is just a static package.

that, and i was also trying to fix the visual editor on my wordpress installation by totally reinstalling in a new directory. which didn’t work. funny thing is when i helped with fazhira’s blog, the visual editor didn’t even appear. weird weird.

won’t be working on the aesthetics anytime yet. gotta figure out how to put back all the customisations i previously made to this theme without touching its core. it’s going to be a real pain, especially for the author pics.

anyways, my blog will be offline from the time i sleep (around 12am) till the time i get home from work (around 6pm). see next post for reason. 😛 within that period, you can view all posted entries at myuubie.livejournal.com.

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