21 Feb 2007


21 Feb 2007

i forgot to give an update on my adventures on andy’s cpanel-based server.

i had managed to get processes running on the server: an ssh tunnel for WoW and a socks server for anything else. only problem is, outgoing traffic from the box is locked down pretty tight, and i can only use standard ports like http and https. so using his server as a WoW proxy is a no go. 🙁

so before i start spending some extra cash, i decided to brute force DSL connections to get a Streamyx IP address that is supposedly lag free for WoW. as i mentioned in an earlier post, i created a perl script to do it for me, but the router didn’t like it and would hang after 20 reconnections or so. but since then i’ve managed to stabilise it somewhat, and we seem to have a proper script working.

therefore, my network will not be accessible while i leave the script on for extended periods. all scratch boards, this website, vpn connections will not work. neither will my torrents, but i don’t really care for that at the moment. down time will usually be from 12pm to 6pm (sleep till return from work).

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