06 Mar 2007


06 Mar 2007

after you travel, you usually describe the sights, and stuff that make a place special. for places in malaysia, it’s usually food!

same goes for this quaint little town in Pahang called Temerloh. takes 2 hours to get here from KL northwards via highway, and i can talk abt it being next to the huge Sungai Pahang, but it’s not that much of a deal.

the best thing about Temerloh is its specialty dish: Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak! we found this nice place next to the river, and next to a sewing shop, that serves this every lunch hour.

ikan patin is basically a type of fish that’s quite big and can be found in this river. some of us call it a naughty fish cuz it eats everything, hence its size. you usually find its meat steamed or simmered, never fried, cuz it’s too soft and flaky.

tempoyak is fermented durian. durian is the king of fruits here in malaysia, for taste and ‘nasal impression’. tempoyak tastes great, especially with sambal belacan. but for most, it’s an acquired taste.

ikan patin + tempoyak = bliss. every time i balik kampung to Raub for a kenduri, they’ll always have it! and here in Temerloh is where the main ingredient comes from. our group of 6 cleaned out 3 bowls of it. should’ve eaten more, cuz now that i’m back, i yearn for more…

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