16 Mar 2007

brain problems

16 Mar 2007

i find myself getting more and more headaches lately. probably due to lack of sleep. hopefully nothing else.

last night i had my first nightmare in a long time. the danger seemed very vivid this time. some other person and i were in some kind of zoo, or bestiary, or research facility, surrounded by lush forest. the place seemed deserted, as we didn’t see anyone else around.

we were still kids, happily running around looking at interesting things. jumping across creeks, climbing across bunker roofs. then we ended up at some sort of viewing area.. like a semi outdoor stage. we were looking at something colorful, when i suddenly realised that we were surrounded by nasty things: spiders and something else. lots of cobwebs everywhere, and i realised if we moved too much we’d get stuck. i yell at my friend telling him the danger but he doesn’t hear me. i feel stings across my arms as tiny wicked looking spiders start biting me. then i notice this huge, green, 8-legged monstrosity closing in onto my face from above. i scream.

i wake up. it was dark. but my eyes still perceive myself surrounded by web, and that thing (it’s like the same way you glance at the sun or something bright, then look away and it’s memory is still there in your vision). i furiously waved off the area in front of me, then seeing how there wasn’t any effect i jumped out of my bed so fast i ran into my wardrobe at the other side of the room. and turned on the lights. obviously, nothing was there.

maybe deep down in there i thought there was a possibility, that something was out to get me. unlikely though. i’m such a nice person! πŸ˜› maybe due to the office possessions, that have happened thrice already.

at least i didn’t hurt myself this time. πŸ˜› and maybe i should stop farming silithid mobs in WoW.

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