24 Mar 2007

movies are your savior!

24 Mar 2007

when the net is down and WoW is out of reach? read a book. watch tv. or watch all the stuff you downloaded.

so last night i watched Children of Men. it’s about the near future post-pandemic and infertility rate is 100%. fantastic movie. the scenery, the situation, the script, make it all seem vivid and real. death is real, and it doesn’t discriminate. not even in this movie.

that was the only movie i could watch since it was the only one available. however, i also managed to watch Pursuit of Happyness over the week. also another great movie.

so if you want a feel good movie, watch PoH. if you want a super-serious movie, watch CoM.

next in line for me would be Night in the Museum, Blood Diamond, Eragon, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Happy Feet.

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