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traffic school

3-lane roundabout.

Car A is on the middle lane wanting to go right (3 o’clock).
Car B is on the innermost lane (rightmost) wanting to go straight (12 o’clock).

Car A and B were parallel to each other.

Which car has right of way?

myuu’s answer:
B. Because as far as I recall, in a roundabout, as well as on other roads, the general rule of thumb is the car on the right has right of way. For roundabouts, this is necessary cuz otherwise roundabout outflow of cars would be slower than inflow, breaking its design (which is why a lot of roundabouts nowadays are being converted to flyovers or light junctions cuz Malaysians like to cucuk and block this traffic).

Also, because B is me. 😛 Normally I won’t be so ticked off, but A had the audacity to honk at me. Bitch.

long distance.

i never thought i’d choose to be in a long-distance relationship at this age (sniff sniff, i is old) but heck it, when you feel the sparks going crazy, it makes you believe that chemistry cannot be denied. =)

the frustration is when you need comfort, a big hug at the end of a tired day, but your partner is unable to give you one.

through the ups and downs of daily routine, the pain and sorrow, joy and laughter… your partner just so happens to be on the other side of the globe and unable to share it with you in person.

you also make do with whatever means available, such as Skype, and the very few holidays he or she is able to make, just to spend time with you.


LDR is tough, but we chose it for reasons not many can understand.

still alive: magtheridon

guild did our first run to Magtheridon’s Lair last night. it’s really quite exciting for the entire guild, trying to work out the kill. You can also sense a different level of expectation: on farming raids we’re expected to down the boss, but on first time runs there’s like no hope at all. but i was feeling optimistic as always, always trying to persuade the raid leader to explain all 3 phases of the fight.

yet, we only managed to get into the early stages of phase 2.

anyways, now that i need properly gear up more, i’ll be respeccing back to holy as a healer. hopefully this’ll see me in more Kara runs.

it’s an emo world

last week, colleagues ‘tak puas hati’ when i gave up my superb cubicle location to another. this was during our 5S reshuffling.

last night, some visitor was making a fuss at the guardhouse. tons of yelling and screaming, even some broken windows.

this morning, on’s fix-it, two friends lose it over a car (and probably a girl). ouch.

susah man this world.

anyways, looks like i won’t be getting my upgrade soon. i had 2 friends going to the US (one’s already there, the other probably there as well) but none of them have gotten back to me.


which is probably a good thing, since i’ll be saving 4k. then again, i’ve been losing FPS during 25-man raids in WoW, something quite unexpected.

so… anyone else going to the US? or coming back? >_<

emo on xfire

[23:35] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: You have been brainwashed by World of Warcraft into thinking i am your best friend
[23:35] myuu: er… right.. 😛
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: HI BUDDY
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: OMG I LOVE YOU
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: MARRY ME
[23:36] myuu: er… nah, i’ll pass 😛
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: I HATE YOU
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: SUCK ON MY FAT COCK FAT ASS
[23:36] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: TUB OF LARD
[23:37] myuu: right then… bye.
[23:37] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: nuh uh
[23:37] «₣₣» ŞąχΘŋ: dont sas me
[23:37] This user has been blocked

where on earth do these people come from? :O

Is the Ivy League “Worth It”?

Right now, all over the country, high school students and their parents are scheming to get into the Ivy League. Young people are groomed practically from birth to be attractive to mysterious and all-powerful admissions committees guarding the gates of the eight universities that comprise the Ivies. Articles and books are written on packaging strategies, which classes and activities are “in” and which are now “passé,” which provide an edge, and which might harm a student’s chances.

There is even a psychological malady known as The Yale Syndrome, a sort of obsession with college admission that creates an unusually proximate time horizon for a young person, the moment of college admission. Students who suffer from this affliction do not develop a plan for success in college, or in any aspect of their lives, beyond the arrival of that “fat envelope” detailing their acceptance. Oddly, they share many of the same concepts of time as terminally ill cancer patients.

Parents view admission to one of these schools as a high grade on their parenting skills, and correspondingly view rejection as a low or failing grade. There is a great gnashing of teeth about the whole endeavor. But seldom does anyone really ask the question: Is the Ivy League “worth it”?

got this article from Feruz. read the rest of it here. why post a suddenly serious topic? maybe i want to be brand ambassador for something. kah kah.

windows update alternative

WindowsUpdate / MicrosoftUpdate not working for you for some reason or another? made an oath never to run Internet Explorer ever again?

try WindizUpdate. stolen from pikey’s.

is it safe? no idea. but as with any website, it’s good to make sure your anti-virus is updated before downloading anything.