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balik kampung

cuzzie’s wedding on our side. see you sunday. >< [edited 20/5/2007] so it was another round of "when's yours?", but back in the more familiar town of Raub. t'was again another traditional malay with the homecoming procession. 2 weeks ago, the groom arrived at the bride's house to get her, and this weekend, the couple both proceed to the groom's parent's place for the "menerima menantu" ceremony. both involve kompangs, bunga manggar, nasi minyak, and malay love/wedding songs/karaoke blaring thru some really huge speakers. this 2nd ceremory had no 'bersanding' ceremony tho. t'was also, again, a good break from the mundane cycle of city life. no computers, no WoW, ... yea that's it. ironically, a good time to catch up with what's happening in the world. 😛 saturday night saw us visiting my mak long's place cuz the TV at my ayah da's house where the ceremony took place was dominated by AF5 fans. and we only managed to watch 30 mins into the match due to bad weather. poor MU. the rain also brought out a massive invasion of termite queens, all biologically attracted to street lamps and headlights and worse living rooms and televisions. it wasn't so bad at mak long's place since everyone was aware of the things amassing outside the house, but when we returned to tok's place the living room light was left on and it being an old house had holes in the wall for ventilation. we had to turn off all lights in the house and turn on the porch light to make them leave. it worked, but they took their time so we helped them out with a penyapu lidi.

karma immediate

was driving out of my parking lot when i noticed my side view mirror was knocked out of position. AGAIN! and looking over to the next lot was this huge MPV that was almost encroached onto my lot. without thinking, i reversed back in and gave in to my inner demons, doing something i’d always wanted to do: scratch an idiot’s car. took out a 10 sen coin and gave its paint job a quick slash. another idiot parker punished!

but in my haste to leave the crime scene, i didn’t realise how close my car was to his (i was even able to scratch it from the driver seat) and overangled into the corner of that car. the result was a sheared bumper on that car, and a sheared passenger door on mine. needless to say, i didn’t linger about to check the damage. upon reaching home, there were just a whole lot of scratches and some minor denting. hosed down the paint scratches with water to make it less obvious.

so moral of the story is: if an idiot annoys you, stay calm and don’t do anything you’ll regret. leave it to karma and her minions, e.g. Az, to do the job for you. 😛

FTK: attumen the huntsman

sylinfel ninjas:

the notoriety grows. 😛

[added 18/5/2007]

but yea, we were doing well.. then i had to leave to pick up the bro from class and only got back into the group later towards the night. then we tried to down curator but we couldn’t due to lack of dps. yeah, too many of us newbs in the group.

and at the trash group before that, someone mentioned (typed) run towards stairs if we get a debuff. and yea, i did get that Overload debuff a few times, but i didn’t know it was that particular debuff that was our concern. a lil added explanation would’ve helped, but i supposed everyone was sleepy. i should prolly read up on kara as well..

FTK: shade of aran

substituted raps for karazhan last week. went in and downed Shade of Aran after 1 wipe. nothing useful dropped for me. >< still, it was a fun fight. quite easy to see the attack patterns. a lot of running around. pretty much a no-brainer 🙂 unlike gruul, that comes with a luck factor. get thrown the wrong way and that's it, game over. wish DBM would also tell you which way to run. off topic: how do you deal with emo guildies? 😛

Conversations, people and ethics…

I found something I’d written down several years ago and after reading it again thought it might be worth writing about here, mainly for the amusement of gentle readers out there.

I was at a car workshop in Sunway one morning having my car tinted. It was an exceedingly tedious job and from the looks of it was going to take quite a while to complete. I’d walked over to Sunway Pyramid for lunch and basically kill time but by the time I came back in the afternoon the job still hadn’t been completed.

As I was idling about, I spoke to a chap who’d brought in a Mercedes S320 (the W140 model made from 1991-1999). We introduced ourselves and he told me that he was the driver to a certain businessman. I recognised the name of the businessman since his brother is fairly famous property tycoon in Malaysia (he’s the chap who basically developed a large part of Mutiara Damansara/Damansara Perdana).

The driver was explaining to me that this workshop was pretty good to come to since their prices were competitive. He elaborated further saying that one of the cars’ air-conditioning switches was dead and if he were to go to most authorised Mercedes workshops, it would cost about RM300-400, whereas by coming here, he could get one for about RM100.

What really struck me though was his next comment. He said his boss appreciated his forthright thinking in looking for the best prices when it came to fixing the car. And because he (the driver) believed that he’d done his boss a good turn, it was okay to add just RM10-RM20 to the final bill when claiming the sum back from his boss whenever he takes the car for repairs.

I was astounded that he’d reveal that he was padding the bills to me, a total stranger, and also somewhat aghast that he believed it’s okay to take a further cut from his boss for the work he’s doing.

So I wonder, do you gentle readers agree with the driver’s perspective? Or do you disapprove of his action of padding the bill?

first PvE raid: gruul’s lair.

yay, finally did my first ever WoW PvE raid last night. took us 4 tries to take Gruul and his 3.3million HP down, but at the end it was really worth it! nothing dropped for me, but fuzz got her t4 leggings. grats fuzz! XD

anyhows, i seem to be at the bottom of the threat meter, even though i’m going all out on the fella. at least i showed up on fuzz’s damage meters on the first try, but after that i just disappeared from the radar. 😛 need more +spell gear i suppose. shouldn’t have chosen all those +heal items after quests ><.


saturday morning, i went to a cousin’s wedding in sungai buloh. this cousin of mine being the eldest on my father’s side, and me being the second-eldest, the first thing that all my aunties and uncles say when they see me are:

“bila lagi?”
“so when’s is your turn?”
“dah ada pasangan?”

and so on and so forth. i thought i’d gotten used to these kind of questions, but that day was so full of it it kinda made me bad for not really thinking abt relationships. well, not that i don’t think abt it.. it’s just that i’d better reprioritise a few things first.

then of course there were the comments abt how i should’ve become best man so the probability of me getting married next is higher. in the end i was just asked to shield the groom under an umbrella. 😛

saturday night, i went to see Annette perform That Was The Year, a play abt the 1969 riots, with a colleague and some of the YKLS members. t’was interesting, altho i probably would’ve appreciated it more if i knew what it was about and reading up abt the riots BEFORE going. well, if you’d like another thing to ponder, go see it. currently playing at KLpac till May 13th before they move on to Singapore.

sunday morning, after a brief 4 hour sleep i went out to merv’s shop to have b’fast/brunch with tiff, steph, and nik. talked abt wow, cameras, chocs, jobs, access points, etc. we were there for quite a bit. i finished 4 half boiled eggs. 😛

sunday night, see previous post.

ding ding ding!

date: sunday may 6th 2007
time: 3am

Sylinfel has finally reached level 70! hooray!

and to commemorate the occasion, loaf and bends decide to take me and a few other just-hit-70 guidies on a Shadow Labs run, mainly for my Kara attunement.

we finished at 6am.

didn’t do much today, ‘cept help guildies with Stratholme in the afternoon. decided to respec from hybrid to something more specialised. took me a while to figure it out, but i finally decided to switch to full shadow. never before have i seen mobs fall so quickly. :O was also contemplating holy, but since there are still tons of PvE quests i’ve yet to complete, shadow seemed a more viable option. might just switch to holy later for raiding.

also got my flying mount early, thanks to fuzz. now that quest xp are all converted to gold, i should be able to pay her back real soon. XD

People and everyday technology

So my trip out of town got cancelled (at the last minute of course) and I was twiddling my thumbs when I got a phone call from someone who owed me money for some work I’d done a long, long time ago. I happily met up with said person but was somewhat bemused when he paid me the sum in cash. So of course I headed to the bank to deposit it. Still I was happy overall since I’d been paid! I can move said sum from the “Bad Debts” column back to the other side.

I went to Maybank Bangsar (almost 4pm), and of course Maybank being Maybank, only one of their cash deposit machines was operational. And there was a fairly long queue to it. I joined in and started to wait patiently.

To my disbelief, the person who was using the machine at that time was depositing one note at a time! She’d put in a note, press the button to confirm. The machine checks that the note is valid and states it so (or spits it back out if it isn’t) whereupon she would hit the “Add Cash” button. In went another note, and the whole process kept going on and on.

After about the 10th note, some of those in queue were already grumbling (me being one of them) and a few people just walked off in disgust. I tried to tell her to just put the dratted lot in at one go but of course, she ignored me. After another minute, one of the bank guards noticed me staring daggers into her back and came to check what was going on. He proceeded to tell her she could put up to 99 notes in one go and she went, “Oh ya ka?”

Honestly, it’s people like these that make me want to climb the wall in frustration. She wasn’t some little old lady who was unsure of technology, she was perhaps in her late 30s to early 40s, and worked for a firm called “Genesys” as could be seen from the tag she wore around her neck. For goodness sakes, if you can’t understand how to use something, ask and learn or get a number and deposit the cash over the counter.

After depositing the money, I went home, my good mood recovering somewhat. Of course that was up until the point where I opened my mailbox and found a fairly large bill from my most recent excursion down south.

Oh man, when karma bites, it really bites. Receive something in the right hand, give it away with the left.

69 will have to wait

was planning to hit 69 tonight, but a call from Merv last night reminded me that I have Spidey 3 to watch. I’m now only 3 bars away, and with a bit of questing in Shadowmoon I should be 70 by the weekend. hopefully.

BUT… still need 500g for my flying mount. And no one seems to want to buy my epic recipe. 🙁 guess i’ll have to notch down the price a little… and hit more instances. just started on my kara attunement too… LFG shadow labs.