20 Jun 2007

sylinfel 1, magtheridon 0

20 Jun 2007

I survived Magtheridon! Hooray! This was on Monday by the way.

Lots of yummy loot, but nothing quite right for me. Was thinking of taking his head, for [item]28790[/item]. But I almost have enough Badges for [item]29373[/item], so I decided to skip it. After it was picked up for 10 DKP, I got to thinking again that maybe I should’ve grabbed it.

But nevermind. I need all the DKP I can get for T4 shoulders. Possibly even T5 shoulders, now that SSC/TK attunements have been removed. Angel wings! Thanks Blizz! Although I’m gonna miss Gruul tonight for dinner. Oh noes~ 6 DKP burned!

But the standing rule is in force: RL > WoW.

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