25 Jun 2007

climbing high, hope i don’t fall…

25 Jun 2007

So I seem to have gotten that manager post I applied for more than X months ago (let’s call it Post A). Having not received a reply in said period, I totally put it behind me. But here it is, a letter of promotion, that’ll put me off all my current projects into an area unknown to me.

But current duties aside, it’s actually a good thing. A chance to experience new challenges, and the usual pay rise.

However, the current post I’m holding (let’s call it Post B) is also managerial, which has only been recently acknowledged so, and therefore currently open for interviews. I’ve also applied for it, cause since I’m the current holder, it makes no sense for me to just let it go.

Also, I should be getting a backdated promotion for Post B, since I’ve been doing the work since April. ‘Should’ meaning ‘I hope’.

I have a week to think things through and weigh the options. In that time I have to find out if I will really get a backdated promotion for Post B, and what my bosses’ thoughts are (they don’t know yet), and what they’ll do, and whether I can humbly/politely decline the offer for Post A, or whether it can be converted to a promotion for Post B.

Hopefully I don’t step on too many feet. 😛

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