07 Sep 2007


07 Sep 2007

Sorry guys, the Gold Coast update will have to come this weekend, since I haven’t picked up the 2 Gigs of pictures from Fish yet. And I can’t quite remember what our dinner plans were…

Anyways, a misc update of everything:-

Only being able to watch 1/4 of Memoirs of a Geisha on the plane, I watched the rest of it back home. Such a sweet, happy ending! Glad I watched it. 🙂 Aaaa Chiyo-chan~

I’m no longer holding 2 positions. Got a transfer letter back to my old post on the Monday I returned. *wonders what management is up to*. You could say I’m glad, but not in its entirety. Was pretty sure I could’ve contributed much more. At the expense of my brain cells, but nonetheless…

Caught up with Fish the day after his return from New Zealand. Another boarder-junkie has joined our midst! Hopefully that trip to Melbourne next year will become a reality. 😀 Wonder if Merv will want to join us… Well Fish didn’t manage to do the 100m Queenstown bungie though, only a 47m one. But it’s ok, we’ll just have to go there again and do it! w00t!

Will be going to Singapore in November for Linkin Park. Mom didn’t like the idea, cuz it was a weekday and everything, but it would’ve helped if she told me before we booked tickets. 🙁 E-mails should be replied! Anyways, what’s done is done. Sorry, mom.

WoW news: Personal FTK on Karathress. Morogrim is a bitch. We’re almost there on Leotheras. Have started arena-ing. It’s actually quite fun. Of course, being a holy priest means everyone will try to kill me first. Oh noes.

Have started playing BF 2142 again. Lowest video settings at highest resolution seems to help the graphics latency a bit. Merv has overtaken me on the leaderboard. Bugger.

Few more movies to watch:- Pathfinder, Apocalypto.

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