19 Nov 2008

dying hardware

19 Nov 2008

If you’ve noticed, my photo gallery is offline with a whole bunch of freaky PHP errors. Tis mainly due to me having to unplug my two 250GB drives from the server as they were constantly crashing the system every time fsck’ed. Thing is I’m not sure whether it’s one or the other or both that’s causing the problems. If I have time, I’ll probably mount it on my Windows machine to transfer the stuff out before the drives die for real.

But before that, I should probably buy some new hard drives to store said data. Fai-chan needs one herself, having only 1GB left on her machine. 😛

Another problem I have is with my stupid wireless Linksys PCI adaptor. There came a point where my PC just couldn’t start due to BSODs originating from RT2500.sys (a Ralink driver used by this card). Updating the driver to generic Ralink ones would cause erratic connections instead. Updating to SP3 didn’t help. Windows File Protection scans didn’t help either.

Once I’m settled down, I’ll probably make the switch to N. And it damned well won’t be Linksys.

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