19 Nov 2008

zombie time!

19 Nov 2008

Yesterday, I purchased the Steam-delivered version of Left 4 Dead, a new zombie-apocalypse coop multiplayer game from Valve. Playing the demo for a few days just got me excited about the game, so I bought it at pre-order prices a day before release. Apparently it’s a relatively short game, but it’s got good multiplayer possibilities. You can either play one of the 4 survivors blazing their way thru to safety, or one of the ‘Boss Infected’ to make sure they don’t see the light of day. The ambiance of the maps and the directed music itself really helps you immerse in the mood, whether trying to sneak past a Witch or defending yourself against a horde of rushing infected.

Of course, you must also have the pretty spectator who’ll cling to you as you play. ^_^

The whole game is 2.86GB, currently at 50% and downloading. ETA is 7 hours 47 minutes. @_@

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