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wow update

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. As you may have noticed we’ve hit level 80 for quite a bit. We’ve also joined a relatively big guild that’s prepping for the newer 25-man raids.

So the order of the day is to hit as many heroics as possible to prep us for 10-man raiding. The guild currently has 4 Naxx teams, but it seems gearing is a problem so we won’t volunteer our membership to those groups just yet. As a matter of fact I volunteered for Kel’thuzad the other day and we didn’t do very well. 😛

So far, we now have experience with Utgarde Pinnacle (pain in the ass), Utgarde Keep (cake), Violet Hold (painless). Wish we could do more, but we don’t have much time for WoW after work, considering other things we need to do. There’s also the world events Achievements that we’re gunning for, and so far we’ve gotten Noble Gardener and For The Children. Still a lot more to cover for our Violet Proto-Drakes. 😀

Besides all that, some things we need to do:-

  • Get dual talent specialization. Main SV spec for PvP and raiding, and secondary BM spec for solo-ing old instances and raids. We just managed to collect another 1k gold after splurging on epic flying.
  • Get glyphs for both our specs.
  • Rep up WotLK factions for better gear.
  • Level up a Turtle. We tried doing Black Morass with a level 79 Cat but couldn’t get past 2nd boss. Tried again with a level 75 Bear but we almost wiped, then ran out of arrows before the 3rd boss. -_- Fai ran out for arrows, but by the time she got back I was already overwhelmed and missed a Mend Pet on the bear. A level 80 Turtle would’ve been good that time.

littlebigplanet lag

Picked up second hand LBP via Fish. Turned out that it’s a Chinese version. ^_^; At least the gameplay is all still in English. Merv helped pick up a second controller from Low Yat as well.

Fai and I just lurrve the game. The SackPeople are just sooo cute! We played quite a bit last night and Andy & Alysa joined us online. 🙂 They didn’t stay long though due to some terrible lag on their side. Only after the game did I realize that our torrents were running at full blast. Sorry guys.

Besides that, I’m also worried about slight in-game freezes just before in-level tutorial vids show up, or during a full costume change. Wonder if it has something to do with the disc region or its condition (which looks flawless). Doesn’t seem to be a first-class bootleg either (if that even exists). Not to doubt Fish’s friend or anything; just worried that there’s something bigger afoot, like the optical lens dying.

zombie time!

Yesterday, I purchased the Steam-delivered version of Left 4 Dead, a new zombie-apocalypse coop multiplayer game from Valve. Playing the demo for a few days just got me excited about the game, so I bought it at pre-order prices a day before release. Apparently it’s a relatively short game, but it’s got good multiplayer possibilities. You can either play one of the 4 survivors blazing their way thru to safety, or one of the ‘Boss Infected’ to make sure they don’t see the light of day. The ambiance of the maps and the directed music itself really helps you immerse in the mood, whether trying to sneak past a Witch or defending yourself against a horde of rushing infected.

Of course, you must also have the pretty spectator who’ll cling to you as you play. ^_^

The whole game is 2.86GB, currently at 50% and downloading. ETA is 7 hours 47 minutes. @_@

It begins…

Well, Sims was finally installed just minutes after the last post. My sis is halfway done with the ‘regime-change’ of my computer. Argh, I’m defenseless against hardcore addiction!

It’s Saturday, and I’m back in the office. And I’m way too early too. Had to send my lil bro to school for his sports day; he was making a fuss about how he’s already late and how his house needs him. Well, his fault for waking up late. If you saw a blue-colored blur on the roads this morning, that was just me.

Speed Bumps on the Way to Work: 10


I’m at home. I’m sitting at the computer. But I’m not playing SimCity 4. Well, not yet.

Streamyx is acting the way it should be, so at least I can download stuff I’ve been wanting for a while (more manga!). And my sister doesn’t seem to be mentioning anything about how gorgeous her city is. Luckily too, she hasn’t been able to find my Sims CD *sigh of relief*.

Ate lunch with the consultants at Chili’s today. Had a go with their Cajun Fajitas, and they’re really good! But it left me with an empty wallet and a sore throat. Hope it’s not SARS. We waited almost 45 minutes for our food, and I understand that it takes time to serve a big crowd, but heck, they shouldn’t expect people to wait that long! Plus they didn’t even let us sit inside (understaffed they said – what a load of bull). How can they not afford a full complement of workers when they charge astronomical prices for food that arrives after the first round of drinks?

Well, enough bitching for now. As I look back at the design of this site, a whole smackeroo of ideas flood my membranes (did that make sense?). But I’m not really the designer type, so I’ll just leave it at that. Don’t have a webcam, so no live pics. Have a digicam, but I’m not good at taking pics of myself. But I’ll put up something soon hopefully…

Note to self: must sleep early tonight!

Basara Chapter 43.
Don’t remember what else I downloaded.

PS: I’ll be attending some presentation on e-learning this Monday in Bangi. Woohoo, a chance to claim some mileage!


It’s back.. and I’m hooked. No time to manage websites, no time to do anything else! Yes, SimCity is back on my PC. And it’s so damned schweet. Work by day, SimCity by night. Losing sleep though. *Yawn*

Why, oh why did I let my sister install that game? Can’t her boyfriend suggest other games that have endings at least? Games like SimCity and Sims are the ones that keep you plastered to the screen.. never ending, never satisfied.

Well, I’m hooked now. There’s no going back. Only things to do are to try to control myself, and to upgrade my computer / buy a new one, so that the game runs better. 😀 Perhaps I should backup my savegames regularly too.

Speaking of having no time, #Bangsar.NET has been in a state of neglect for a while. As far as developing new features, then I would be guilty. But as for content creation, I remember clearly someone pushing me to ‘delegate’ the work. And it has thus been done. So where is he now? What happened to that eagerness, that zeal? Perhaps #Bangsar is no longer in the mood for growth, for activity. Quite evident since the last anniversary. People in the channel are no longer chatting up strangers and newbies; instead they turn them away with insults and whatnot. I’m starting to feel that I’m involved in a lost cause. Or perhaps I’ve felt that way for a long time. Paddling across a stagnant lake only propels myself, as the lake remains the same, and the water remains calm. And smelly.

Anyways, haven’t read any manga; too busy playing something. 🙂 Should I install The Sims as well? I shudder at the thought. I played it long ago when I was in LA. After a while I figured I should manage my own life first.