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mad monday

damned malaysian drivers.

no signals. main rempuh masuk. bloody mofos like cicak only.

couldn’t get much work done at the office today. still trying to normalize back to the weekday schedule after a long 4-day weekend. yes, i took leave on Friday, mainly to play WoW all weekend long.

i’m level 27 now. another 43 levels to go. 😛

still, one cannot work too hard too much. read this example. i find myself work in a month-length biorhythm, working super hard for weeks, then slowing down for a breather for the next few. works for me so far. and definitely still much better than the certain select individuals in the office.

ps: fear my multitasking skillz. read a few pages of Darren Shan’s Lord Loss on the way home. 😛


sang to the theme of Ibu, used in an old Fernleaf advert:-

isu… isu…
engkaulah duri hatiku

bila ku bersuka
engkau hancurkan selalu

isu… isu…
engkaulah duri hatiku

my password, biatch!

so my colleague sitting next to me asks for a favor. she was having problems logging into our document server and have had no help from the tech people. so she asks me whether she can use my password instead.

i say no. she merajuk. she starts looking for other people who’d help her online. i peek over her shoulder, and then she meradang. i think she was more mad abt me constantly peeking at her monitor than anything else. not my fault she does “interesting” things with the computer.

in any case, what’s the use of the password if i’m going to share it with the whole f-in world?


rumors are circulating around the office that i actually got the manager position. :O daym surprising!

if i do get it, it’ll be my most challenging job yet. i’ll be going in with zero experience, and may have to work with difficult people. but i’m sure i can use my technical background to make things work.

on the other hand, there are also rumors circulating that i’m to be made technical expert to keep me doing what i’m doing now. 😛 *sweat* it’s amazing how once you start actively looking for opportunities, they just start popping out.

maybe that works with finding girlfriends too. hmm…

broken resolve

in 2005, i resolved not to work so much, not to stay back at the office too long. but there i was, still there, working on stuff, up to 8.30. for a few days now even. why? mainly due to the stupid jams at all exits leading to my home. stupid roundabout construction.

and then there’s the usual wants of the customers. always wanting things done yesterday. do they know some secrets to time travel that they’d rather not share? but so far, i meet their expectations, i make everyone happy. will there be something in it for me in the end? my previous push seems to have ended in failure, but now more doors are revealing themselves, and i need to be ready to open them when the time comes.

hence the rushing of everything. hence a counter-resolution to maybe work more than expected.

i’d probably still be in the office at 8 today if it weren’t for those darn invisible office mates.

anyways, was out of things to watch, so i started watching Children of Dune. downloaded this mini-series years back, but didn’t really bother to watch it. it’s confusing at first, cuz you have new actors and actresses covering for roles brought over from the Dune movie. but it actually gets pretty interesting.

something extra to woo me back home, and leave the work behind. 😛 perhaps i should find a wife instead… that oughta be more effective.

ps to azuan: far cry multiplayer over hamachi/openvpn 😀