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away from keyboard


Yep, raids are off for me till Raya. There’s just so many things to do before hand. All the cleaning, the eating, the dating, and yet I haven’t really had the chance to maximise the latter activities.

Just within these 2 days, I’ve had to turn down 4 outings: Thursday dinner w/ Fai-chan, Thursday dinner w/ colleagues, Friday dinner w/ a vendor, and Friday salsa with the YKLS’ians. But tis all for a good reason, staying home and keeping my mom company (i.e. obey her cleaning schedule).

Come to think of it, I’ve been out so much this year, compared to last. Most of the time with Fai-chan, of course <nyaa =^-^=>. Still, there’s another week of yummy buffets to ‘raid’, and I’ve yet to hear any high school/primary school buka puasa reunion plans (hope they didn’t forget to call me >_<). No confirmation yet on buka puasa with Tiff and Fish either.

Oh well, think I’ll just worry about the weekend for now. Have to make plenty of trips to the pasar tani for ketupat and rendang orders, the grocer, PKNS for misc food and clothes, and Masjid India for cloth. And of course, lots of cleaning in between. There’s gonna be a lot of trash coming out of the house the next few days. ^_^;

And I still haven’t picked up a new hard drive for the server. Gotta slot that in somehow. On the other hand, Fish and I will be ordering our soundcards from Newegg earlier than expected, to take advantage of a rebate offer. <3 cuzzies for helping us out. ^_^

payroll is a…

Ben Folds Five – Brick

She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly
off the coast and I’m headed nowhere
She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly…

But no, we won’t give up just yet. ^_^


Sorry guys, the Gold Coast update will have to come this weekend, since I haven’t picked up the 2 Gigs of pictures from Fish yet. And I can’t quite remember what our dinner plans were…

Anyways, a misc update of everything:-

Only being able to watch 1/4 of Memoirs of a Geisha on the plane, I watched the rest of it back home. Such a sweet, happy ending! Glad I watched it. 🙂 Aaaa Chiyo-chan~

I’m no longer holding 2 positions. Got a transfer letter back to my old post on the Monday I returned. *wonders what management is up to*. You could say I’m glad, but not in its entirety. Was pretty sure I could’ve contributed much more. At the expense of my brain cells, but nonetheless…

Caught up with Fish the day after his return from New Zealand. Another boarder-junkie has joined our midst! Hopefully that trip to Melbourne next year will become a reality. 😀 Wonder if Merv will want to join us… Well Fish didn’t manage to do the 100m Queenstown bungie though, only a 47m one. But it’s ok, we’ll just have to go there again and do it! w00t!

Will be going to Singapore in November for Linkin Park. Mom didn’t like the idea, cuz it was a weekday and everything, but it would’ve helped if she told me before we booked tickets. 🙁 E-mails should be replied! Anyways, what’s done is done. Sorry, mom.

WoW news: Personal FTK on Karathress. Morogrim is a bitch. We’re almost there on Leotheras. Have started arena-ing. It’s actually quite fun. Of course, being a holy priest means everyone will try to kill me first. Oh noes.

Have started playing BF 2142 again. Lowest video settings at highest resolution seems to help the graphics latency a bit. Merv has overtaken me on the leaderboard. Bugger.

Few more movies to watch:- Pathfinder, Apocalypto.

when the going gets tough

Today’s course is called Unzipping Employee Potential Through Coaching and Mentoring. Don’t ask me why they used that particular verb. But anyway, we just spent 1 hour listening to someone complaining about performance moderation. And the speakers countering with bell curves and whatnot. But even if it’s not entirely related, the speakers have to address it to ensure the participants’ minds don’t close up to the topic at hand.

It’s funny to hear these grouses during these occasions. But these dissenting voices pretty much reflect the opinions of most of us. Management says every one of us is a good worker, but we know that’s bullshit. They’re not willing to drop the nonperformers, nor tremendously award their excellent workers either. The unions don’t care about us; most of the mare old fogies who are content with their 35-day annual leave and full medical benefits till death. They don’t realise that property prices have skyrocketed, leaving young couples living very far away from the main office. Well, hopefully they wake up from the sudden turnover rate increase lately. Otherwise, say byebye to more talent.

That might mean me.

[this was posted and saved on a mobile phone]

update long forgotten

watched Simpsons Movie last night. went to a seminar at the Marriott this morning. finished with Malloreon, looking to buy Harry Potter 7, but picked up Shan’s Demonata Book 5 at MPH yesterday. MPH Mid Valley sux cuz they don’t do cover wraps. Idiot driver also sux wanting to block my path coming out of MV’s boulevard while she tries to stop by a pickup lane that’s already full. FTK on The Lurker Below in SerpentShrine Cavern last week. yay guild. yay wow.

[ICAC Censored 1]

new job description is really different. drop all programming and technical stuff for writing policies, procedures, and guidelines instead. supposedly the job is very important says the cio, but then why is half my team considered “bottom feeders” by the rest of the organisation? and where the fuck is my office?

anyways, since they decided to cancel my interview for my old position (supposed reason: already acting for a similar position), i decided to go for an interview with another company. wow, double pay ain’t that hard to get lah. i could’ve easily accepted the offer, ‘cept that i was informed that working at that particular company might be hellish. still, i’m pretty sure i can ace the Shell interview process if i were to go for it.


Rudy Ghani, Manager (Asset Management)
Rudy Ghani, Manager (HR System/Payroll & Benefits)

I’m so screwed.

That means high probability of less WoW time.

climbing high, hope i don’t fall…

So I seem to have gotten that manager post I applied for more than X months ago (let’s call it Post A). Having not received a reply in said period, I totally put it behind me. But here it is, a letter of promotion, that’ll put me off all my current projects into an area unknown to me.

But current duties aside, it’s actually a good thing. A chance to experience new challenges, and the usual pay rise.

However, the current post I’m holding (let’s call it Post B) is also managerial, which has only been recently acknowledged so, and therefore currently open for interviews. I’ve also applied for it, cause since I’m the current holder, it makes no sense for me to just let it go.

Also, I should be getting a backdated promotion for Post B, since I’ve been doing the work since April. ‘Should’ meaning ‘I hope’.

I have a week to think things through and weigh the options. In that time I have to find out if I will really get a backdated promotion for Post B, and what my bosses’ thoughts are (they don’t know yet), and what they’ll do, and whether I can humbly/politely decline the offer for Post A, or whether it can be converted to a promotion for Post B.

Hopefully I don’t step on too many feet. 😛

last minute tax filing


Every single year I’d submit my tax forms on the very last day. Today’s Saturday, so that’d be 2 more days. A lot of time by my standards, but I was a tad worried a while ago when I realised there are no PDF auto-calculating versions of the BE form this year. And I was mainly freaking out because I only found out just before I had to send my brother to class, and if I decided to go register for e-Filing I might have to drive all the way to Kelana Jaya across the lunch hour jam. Which I did in somewhat, since I had to go to SS4 to drop off a cheque, but having to cross the LDP was kinda frightening.

But anyways, I got home and finally opened my mailed-in BE form. And lo and behold, my e-Filing PIN was printed inside. Doh!

I’ll still need to mail in my dividend slips though.. sigh.

more work

the company’s payroll guru has tendered her resignation. and i’m asked to replace her.

the lives of 25k employees will be within my control! muhuhahaha~

i wish.

sigh, honestly, it’s just more headaches on an already overflowing platter. maybe i should resign too and make my living as a WoW gold farmer instead.