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iroiro na koto

ok ok, here’s my update. of things that’ve happened since we came back from oz. 😛

signed up for gym. Celebrity Fitness at 1u.  86 a month for 3 years. thinking back, maybe i should’ve just topped up another 1K for a lifetime membership. oh well… also paid extra for a trainer; level 3 fariq is his name. aka qael. ^_^;;

it’s funny how you only discipline yourself once you’re forced to pay money. gym and swimming pool at my condo remain unused. 😛 anyways, i’m on a tough regiment of exercise, so i’m usually aching from my 3x-per-week sessions. doesn’t help that i’m on a tough diet too, making me more lethargic than i usually am.

don’t get me wrong though. when i say tough diet i mean eating 8 potatoes, 15 egg whites, and 3 chicken breasts a day. enough to put a small ular sawa to sleep. 😛

been spending a lot of time wif my dearie~ bliss, just perfect bliss~

as for wow, i’m not able to raid as much with my guild friends as i’d like. feel kinda guilty leaving them half the time, but i just can’t help it with the plans i’m making this year. i’ll try to stick around till we drop Illidan, but after that i’ll probably take a break till the next expansion. i think things would be less hectic after things have settled down. *wink*

in any case, i managed to be present for the Naj’entus and Supremus FTKs. missed Archimonde though. 🙁

pretty much the whole family has been sick recently, including ayin who’s back for holidays. everyone’s pretty much recovered, except for a coughing fit or two.  took a trip down to singapore last weekend to see relatives; hope we didn’t spread our germs. drove out with our lovely cuzzie ichaya to bugis; looked at toiletries and diamonds, among other things. 😛 they’ll be coming up this weekend, so we did some major spring cleaning yesterday. kinda wished i’d have waken up earlier: more time to spend with a certain someone~

so to sum things up, a lot of major things/changes going on with my life. so much so that i’ve been coming to work late perpetually for the last few weeks. don’t worry, i always stay back late to compensate. but if management decides to get nitpicky, i’ll just leave. no point working for a company that’s so hung up on trivial things and only pay you 1/3 the market rate. hmph.

azgalor dies~


the pain-in-the-butt Azgalor is now dead. It was tough keeping the tank up and timing Shields before the AoE Silence while avoiding Rain of Fires (i kept running from one into another), but we managed to do it. Didn’t have time to move on to Archimonde, but the time will come for that.

Looks like this will be the last FTK for me before my trip to Oz.  Now getting all the minor details out of the way, like travel insurance and currency. So much to do… 🙁

back into time: 2x mt hyjal 1-shot FTKs!

The guild went back to Mt Hyjal last night to continue progression for T6 content. I missed the 1st boss kill on Thursday, but am glad to have attended the raid last night in which we took down both Anetheron and Kaz’rogal in single attempts. Grats, WDK! ^_^



Unfortunately, the random [item]32609[/item] didn’t drop, compared to Thursday’s 2x. 🙁

The 4th boss, Azgalor, is much more a pain in the ass. People were just dying to his Rain of Fire, and it was tough with me being the only Circle of Healing-specced priest (yup, just switched ^_^). Spamming that spell only managed to pull aggro from the adds. Hopefully we can take him down tonight, and move on to the final boss, Archimonde. So it’s Archimonday people! 😀

Btw, I lurve Fai-chan! ^o^