26 Nov 2007

back into time: 2x mt hyjal 1-shot FTKs!

26 Nov 2007

The guild went back to Mt Hyjal last night to continue progression for T6 content. I missed the 1st boss kill on Thursday, but am glad to have attended the raid last night in which we took down both Anetheron and Kaz’rogal in single attempts. Grats, WDK! ^_^



Unfortunately, the random [item]32609[/item] didn’t drop, compared to Thursday’s 2x. 🙁

The 4th boss, Azgalor, is much more a pain in the ass. People were just dying to his Rain of Fire, and it was tough with me being the only Circle of Healing-specced priest (yup, just switched ^_^). Spamming that spell only managed to pull aggro from the adds. Hopefully we can take him down tonight, and move on to the final boss, Archimonde. So it’s Archimonday people! 😀

Btw, I lurve Fai-chan! ^o^

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